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Animal Medical of New City is One of Rockland County’s Leading Veterinary Practices


We’re here for every life stage of your dog, cat, and pocket pet.


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Animal Infectious Disease, Rockland County 2017


Lyme Disease in Dogs


Tick Borne Anaplasmosis



Take Two Dogs And Call Me in the Morning

Scientists prove that dogs and cats have a positive impact on our own health and the health of our children.   You love them, we love them, and more and more, scientists are starting to love them.  Check out these recent scientific studies showing the positive...

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Going for the Gold!

  Animal Medical of New City is poised to be one of Rockland County’s ‘Gold’ standard Feline Friendly practices.   Animal Medical is in the last stages of finalizing its bid to the American Association of Feline Practitioners to be designated a ‘Gold’...

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Dr. Lisa Schenkel

Physical Medicine & Director

A longer healthier life for your pet ‘Whole’ istically