It’s not a cliche.  We really DO try to put the CARE in healthcare. We are state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment, but never outside the accomodating values of a small, community-driven, local business. Meet Drs. Howard Gittelman and Suzanne Bardari!



We serve pets in New Hempstead, West Haverstraw, Haverstaw, Congers and Valley Cottage as well as the following zip codes 10920, 10923, 10927, 10931, 10952.  Animal Hospital in New City is Rockland County’s veterinarian of choice for many people that live near New City and Valley Cottage.



Rockland County’s Preferred Veterinarian

We invest in the wellbeing of animals and the people that love them.  Welcome to our practice!



Veterinary Care and SERVICE!

Meet Claire, another Animal Medical of New City employee that puts care into every phone call and every client interaction.  

BEE proactive about oral health


Come on, we needed SOME way to fit in this beautiful picture of our outdoor garden and local pollinator.  But you know, you really should be proactive about your pet’s oral health.  Ask us for ideas!








Animal Medical of New City performs dentistry on cats and dogs.  Need a vet to do dentistry for your dog or cat?  Call Rockland County Veterinarian.

Expert Veterinary Nursing

Animal Medical of New City has some of the best licensed veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants in New York.  Here are just a few of our gifted, caring team members.








Animal Medical of New City is a Vet in Rockland County serving Valley Cottage, Nanuet and Spring Valley in area codes 10901, 10910, 10911 and 10912.  Vet for cats, rabbits, dogs, hampsters, guinea pigs and parrots.

Fear Free Visits!


Animal Medical is a ‘Feline Gold’ level animal hospital for cats as determined by the American Association of Feline Practitioners!






Animal Medical of New City is a Feline Only Veterinarian and cat vet in Rockland County serving Haverstraw, Pomona, New Hempstead, Nanuet and Valley Cottage.  If you need a vet for a cat, bring your pet to Animal Medical of New City.

Great Place To Work


We support our community and provide a positive, uplifting environment for our employees.  Animal Medical believes in serving Rockland County’s animals and people!














Rockland County animal hospital, animal medical of new city is a veterinarian with veterinary technician jobs.

Ahhh…I Love You Too

We pay attention to how animals feel.  We do whatever we can to create a fear-free experience for all of our patients…and it pays off!







Animal Medical of New City if your answer to ‘find a vet in Rockland County’.  We serve pets owned or housed in shelters in Suffern, Pomona, Pearl River and Nyack.

Meet Shredder, Our Mascot!



Animal Medical provides veterinary care for rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas, parrots and other species.  





Animal Medical of New City provides veterinary care for african grey parrots, macaws, conures, cockatiels and rabbits.  We are animal hospital serving the needs of Nanuet, Congers, Pearl River and Spring Valley as well as New City New York and other towns in Rockland County. Bring your rabbit, guinea pig, hampster, or mouse to us for veterinary care.

Just Because They’re Beautiful


The world and the animals in it are beautiful…just like these flowers outside of our animal hospital.  We’re committed to your loved one’s health.







Animal Medical of New City, animal hospital and vet in New City, provides vet care for dogs and cats in If you are looking for a vet in 10911 Bear Mountain, 10993 West Haverstraw, or 10994 West Nyack, please call Animal Medical of New City


We help older dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives. That keeps these two (Elaine and Chico) together and happy.





Animal Medical of New City, Rockland County’s premier veterinarian provides vet care for dogs and cats in Spring Valley , Ramsey, Mahwah and Suffern. If you are looking for a vet in 10954, a vet in 10989, a vet in 10920, please call Animal Medical of New City


Physical Medicine

Is your dog or cat recovering from surgery or an injury?  Physical medicine combines physical therapy, cold laser and accupuncture for a ‘wholistic’ approach to faster healing.





Animal Medical of New City provides physical therapy for dogs and cats.  Dr. Lisa Schenkel oversees our physical therapy program that reduces healing time and promotes greater mobility in dogs in New City, Nanuet, Valley Cottage and New Hempstead and Suffern.

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Animal Medical of New City

At Animal Medical of New City, we have a special commitment to veterinary medicine and we take pride in our dedication to you and your pet's health.

The information on this site is intended to help you get to know us better, and also to ensure that both you and your pet have a pleasant experience at our animal hospital.

If you have any questions about our services or policies, please contact the hospital to speak with a member of our staff who will be happy to provide you with any additional information.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. If you are happy with our services, then please tell your friends and family. If you are not, then please tell us. To receive informational newsletters, videos, recalls, or to upload pictures of your favorite pet.

The staff of Animal Medical of New City believes in the dignity of all animals and in the special value of the bonds forged between humans and companion animals. We feel that every animal brought to us is owned by a compassionate and concerned individual who desires the ultimate in animal care and treatment. To this end, we dedicate our services and facilities, and we will constantly strive through continuing education and advancement in instrumentation, to give each patient the same consideration we would expect for members of our own family.

Animal Medical of New City is one of the few American Animal Hospital Association(AAHA) accredited veterinary facilities in the area. Less than 18 percent of the small animal veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are accredited by AAHA and are proud to have achieved this status. As an AAHA accredited hospital, we voluntarily meet the highest standards established for veterinary care facilities.

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