Our Team

Our staff is our greatest asset! It consists of licensed veterinary
STAFFtechnicians, highly trained veterinary assistants and client care specialists who are extremely proficient at their respective duties. This ensures that your pet will receive the most compassionate care while at our hospital. We are particularly proud of the level of supervision our patients receive during surgery and post-operatively while in recovery. Your pet is supervised at all times and their progress documented in their permanent medical record. The staff takes great pride in the job they perform and makes sure your pet’s visit is as pain free as possible.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Sandra Bertholf

Sandra Bertholf  is a graduate of Mercy College and a practicing licensed veterinary technician who’s been with Animal Medical since 1996. Before joining our hospital, she trained at a four year veterinary college, completed externships at two critical care facilities and trained with  board certified veterinary ophthalmologists.  She has special interest in ophthalmology, critical care and anesthesia. Sandy is compassionate, attentive and extremely qualified. Always passionate about teaching, Sandy is currently one of the instructors of veterinary technology at Mercy College…but we’re still lucky enough to have her work with us one day a week. 2U5P5919

Claudia Dubuisson

573Started with Animal Medical at the beginning of 2011. She is a licensed veterinary technician and a graduate of Mercy College. She had prior experience working in a veterinary hospital as an assistant, but is thrilled to join the ranks of professional veterinary nursing.
Claudia has one pit bull, Cassius Clay, a three year old dog with lots of puppy play left in him. Claudia looks forward to expanding her role in veterinary medicine to include exotics and big cats.  Make sure you check out the blogs that Claudia writes for us on how to make your own dog treats!


Danielle Perez


Dani has been with AMNC since July of 2009.  She is a licensed veterinary technician and a graduate of SUNY-Delhi.  Prior to starting with AMNC and earning her licensure, she worked in the profession for over 16 years.  She aspires to continue her career with Animal Medical and enjoys constantly learning and improving her skills.  She is the proud companion to Capone and Patrick, two domestic short haired cats that she rescued from one of the animal hospitals at which she previously worked.  Dani is also proud mother to daughter Ella, now 8 years old.  In the little free time she has, Dani enjoys Zumba and spending time with her family and friends.


Amy Cohen

Amy is a recent graduate of Bergen Community college class of 2014 and a welcome addition to our health care team. Amy is a licensed veterinary technician with a passion for large and small animals. She enjoys riding her horse and playing with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Flopsy, in her spare time! What a pleasure it is to welcome Amy to our practice.


Veterinary Assistants

Eve Meyer

Eve (Evie) is one of our Assistants at AMNC. She has been with us since July 2014. She currently goes to school online at Penn Foster College for her Veterinary Technician degree. She has experience in grooming dogs and cats. She has loved animals ever since she was a little girl, so a career in animal care provides her a chance to excel at a job she loves to do.  She is a proud mom to a handsome cat named Blaise, and a sweet golden retriever named Lily. She aspires to work one day with Seeing Eye Dogs and to have her own rescue shelter.




Ashley has been with AMNC since July 2015. She is a graduate of Binghamton University’s class of 2015 where she studied Biology and anything pre-veterinary related. She has over six years experience as a veterinary assistant working with small animals and has also worked with horses and alpacas! Ashley has been pursuing a career with veterinary medicine since a very young age and is currently in the process of applying to vet schools (we wish her luck!). In her spare time Ashley enjoys snuggling with her German Shepherd Sasha, snowboarding and running.



Evie started at Animal Medical in 2015, and is happy to be part of the team. Years of living in Australia ignited a passion for working with animals and she is currently pursuing her Veterinary Technology degree at Mercy College.

Client Care Specialists


Kelly Murphy and Claire Carnevale

Kelly is that sweet girl in the mornings that will always be smiling behind the front desk. Claire is the one always laughing and making jokes you can’t resist smiling at. These two are always making sure everyone leaves and enters AMNC with a pleasant warm hello and goodbye!

Kelly joined us in July of 2015 after moving from sunny California last year. While growing up with a few family pets her love for animals constantly grows. With compassion for animals and 10 years in customer service, client care specialist couldn’t be a better fit! When at home, Kelly enjoys spending time with her two cats, Sirius and Bellatrix, who could turn anyone into a cat person, plus a fun loving puppy, Rowena.

Claire Carnevale enjoys customer service and participating in the excellent care we provide both people and pets.  She loves to discover new things, relaxing at home, and knitting with her sassy and handsome cat named Zucker, who she adopted from the hospital just after she joined us.

Kelly and Claire handle the vital communication from you to the doctors, technicians, and assistants and are responsible for making sure you and your pets have everything you need before and after your appointments.

Stop by and say hi to Kelly and Claire; they are the best Client Care Specialist team around!

Maintenance Coordinator

Julie Roussell575

Julie has worked at Animal Medical of New City since December 2002 and is responsible for keeping our facility clean and odor free. Her special love of animals made her invaluable to staff, clients and their pets. Julie has three children, six dogs, one blind cat and two birds.



Shredder is the perfect mascot for our practice, because like most who work here, Shredder draws blood.  Unfortunately, it’s not for patient well being.  Shredder is an African Grey Parrot, and like many Greys (and birds in general), she has a different outlook on how forcefully to make her feelings known.  NEVER stick your fingers in Shredder’s cage, unless you would like Shredder to trim them for you.  Adept at over 30 common sounds (water running, coughing, ringing phones, dog barks and cat meows), Shredder can also whistle, shriek and imitate several of our staff members.   If you are thinking about getting a parrot of your own, talk to us first about the responsibilities that come with having these beautiful creatures in your life.

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