Boarding (or as we like to call it, ‘Staying With Friends’)

One of our caring team members has some quiet outdoor time with a boarding patient

One of our caring team members has some quiet outdoor time with a boarding patient

Is it any wonder that boarding facilities have installed video cameras that allow pet owners to look in on their pet while they’re away and confirm that everything is okay?  Leaving a pet behind, while you and the rest of the family go on vacation, can be  emotionally draining.  We have some clients that actually refuse to travel anywhere they can’t drive for the simple reason that they refuse to travel if their pet can’t travel with them.


We appreciate your anxiety…in fact we’ve felt it ourselves!  It’s that understanding that informs how we care for all pets that stay with us in our ‘pet vacation area’.


At Animal Medical we deliberately keep the number of pet vacation rooms to a minimum to make sure that every pet that stays with us can be watched closely by our team and more importantly interacted with, played with, and regularly, safely exercised outside on our grass lawn.



Julie, a ten year veteran of our patient care team, taking a photo op with Rye while she gets taker her out for some fresh air and exercise.

Any pet that stays with us gets to know Julie, a 10 year veteran of Animal Medical and a team member with an enormous sixth sense of how animals are feeling both emotionally and physically.  There are many of you who personally know Julie because she’s gotten in the habit of reaching out to you over the years and letting you know that your pet is well cared for and enjoying its stay at Animal Medical.


Of course it doesn’t hurt that your pet is staying at one of Rockland’s most well-staffed veterinary hospitals.  We have 4 licensed veterinary technicians on staff and at least one highly trained veterinarian in the building at all times during business hours.  Every team member receives specific training on how to care for animals that board with us:  how to keep them safe and how to keep them emotionally engaged while they are away from their families.


If you are planning a trip soon, make sure that you stop by ask to see the area of our hospital where animals stay while you (and they) are on vacation.  You’ll find that it’s the perfect blend of safety, quiet, cleanliness and assurance that you need to feel a little bit better about not taking your pet on a trip with you.