The Impact of Early Intervention


Animal Medical of New City has a special interest in keeping your pet’s mouth pain-free and healthy and wants to provide you with options for achieving this goal.  A great smile starts with early oral hygiene and wellness care for your dog, cat or small mammal.

Until recently, dental cleaning was done on only the most advanced cases, shown as stage 4 in the diagram below.  Veterinarians and clients now realize that this was a mistake.  Allowing dental disease to advance caused undo pain, created secondary health issues, and decreased the life span of the pet.


Healthy Mouth Initiative


If you have a pet that has bad breath or visible gum redness and tarter on the teeth, review our Healthy Mouth Initiative, a low-cost way to clean your pet’s mouth and keep him or her healthly



Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Why We Flip for February Dental Health Month

That's right buster....I'm going to flip your lip Simply put, oral health for pets is critical to long life and overall well-being. Pets with clean mouths, free of red gums, plaque and tarter have no oral pain, have healthier internal organs, eat better, are more...

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Oral disease is one of the most common problems in veterinary medicine with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats showing signs of periodontal disease by the age of three. Some problems that can result from oral disease include trouble chewing excessive salivation bad breath...

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