We continue to add to our extensive array of endoscopic equipment which allows us to make diagnosis which previously would have required a major surgical procedure to obtain the same information. We have flexible video endoscopes which place a tiny computer camera on the end of a flexible scope which is passed into the patients body and allows us to view, biopsy and even remove structures and foreign bodies from patients while under anesthesia; all of this is possible without ever making an incision. Your pet wakes up and goes home the same day and results usually return within 3 business days. We also have rigid endoscopes for examining the nasal passage in pets with chronic nasal disease. Pets afflicted with chronic urinary tract infections, stones, or incontinence can be evaluated and treated with our rigid cystoscope. Chronic external ear infections often caused by middle ear disease can now be evaluated earlier in the course of their disease by using our video otoscope; this has made a huge impact on the outcome of patients with chronic otitis externa/interna.

The success story of North Dakota, will provide you with a first hand look into the success Animal Medical of New City has had using endoscopy.

Endoscopy Veterinarian New City