Can’t find your cat? Be entered to win 1 of 10 free AirTags when you schedule your cat’s comprehensive, physical examination at Animal Medical of New City.


Safe, Long-lasting Tracking Device


AirTags will be released by Apple at the end of April and if you bring your cat to our practice for her comprehensive physical exam, we’d like to enter you into a contest to win 1 of 10 that are available. The technology behind these AirTag devices is incredible; they’re secure, smart, safe, and long lasting. Attach one to your cat’s collar and you never have to go cat hunting again. The tag can be used to find your cat in your home, if he or she wanders outside, or if you travel with your pet. You can read more about AirTags on the Apple page.



50,000 Meow Check Up


But the real treat for your cat is the comprehensive physical examination. We call it the 50,000 meow check up because it’s the purrfect gift for cats over 7, an age that is consider senior in feline years.


We Are A Feline Gold Practice


Animal Medical is one of only two Feline Gold practices in Rockland County.  Our Feline Gold status was awarded to us by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  The designation is granted only to practices that have cat-only exam rooms and to practices where the entire team has been trained to limit the stress of a veterinary visit on a cat including proper handling techniques.


What Does A Cat Exam Consist Of?


Comprehensive physical exams are essential to ensuring that your cat is healthy and to catching disease at its earliest stages when it’s easiest to treat. Comprehensive physical examinations at Animal Medical include:


  • The ability to book your own appointment online
  • Touch-of-a-button appointment confirmation and checkin
  • Safe, contactless curbside care
  • Two-way text or video updates during your cat’s visit with us
  • Stress-free, non-invasive examination of your cat’s body and major organ systems including, eyes, ears, mouth, lymph system, heart, lungs, circulatory system, digestive track, liver, kidneys, genital area, and skin.
  • A blood panel that gives us more precise information on overall health
  • A urine test that helps us better understand kidney function
  • A stool sample that confirms the absence of intestinal parasites

Careful, But Efficient


Comprehensive physical examinations are performed gently so that your cat remains calm and stress free throughout the exam. Still, they are done efficiency. Typically the entire exam takes no more than 30 minutes!  Afterwards, our doctor will review all of his or her findings with you and follow up in a few days with the lab results.


Explore Payment Options


The cost of our comprehensive physical examination is affordable and an excellent investment in your cat’s longterm health and wellbeing. For those looking to explore payment options, you can visit this page with more information.


How To Win An AirTag


After your cat’s physical examination, you will be entered into a contest to win 1 of 10 free AirTags*. Clip the tag to your cat’s collar to help you keep tabs on your tabby or use it on anything else you’d like to track: car keys, wallet, luggage, purse…whatever you want; the tag is yours as a reward for staying proactive about your cat’s health.


From all of us at Animal Medical, we wish you the very best this 2021.  We’re looking forward to the end of the pandemic, seeing you inside the building soon, and a great year of pet health for the furry members of your family!


* Doctors must approve that your pet is eligible to receive a preventative diagnostic blood panel, urine and stool test to be entered into the drawing.