Minimally Invasive Surgery

291Animal Medical of New City is pleased to offer minimally invasive surgery, because your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you.

For many procedures, minimally invasive surgery can provide a better alternative to traditional surgery.

What is MIS and how does it work?

A surgical procedure that uses advanced equipment and techniques. Allowing veterinarians to:

  • Get a much better look at their patient
  • Perform more precise surgery
  • Enable faster recovery

What does this mean for my pet?

    1. Reduced risk of infection– Keeping incisions small means your pet has a reduced risk of being exposed to infections
    2. Precision– The specialized scopes and video systems your doctor uses make it much easier to see what they’re doing – meaning your pet gets a safer, more precise and complete procedure
    3. Less Pain – Typically, MIS patiens require smaller dosages of anesthesia and post-operative pain control drugs. For example, a study published in JAVMA* showed up to 65% less pain when using minimally invasive techniques for spays.
    4. Faster recovery – Smaller incision sizes and less need for anesthesia drugs mean less post-op complications and an overall faster recovery.

Typical Minimally Invasive Procedures:

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