Pet travel just got a whole lot more luxurious! If you’re about to take a trip and want to include Fido or Kitty, here is a great list of entertaining pet spots, resources and travel tips you should know about.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Many hotels are cashing in on guests who travel with their pets and offering up all kinds of amenities. Here’s a list of pet friendly hotels. When you call, be sure to get these questions answered:

  • Is there an additional fee for my pet?
  • Do you provide feeding or watering dishes?
  • Do you have a way of alerting staff members that my pet is staying in the room?
  • Do you have any restrictions on size?
  • Is there are area outside where it’s safe to walk my pet?

Here’s a hotel that will blow your pet’s mind!

Plan your driving route by pet friendly hotels

Amazingly, there are whole websites dedicated to traveling with your pet. Here’s a link to a site that not only gives you directions on how to drive to your destination, it shows you all of the pet friendly hotels along the way!

Driving and Pet Walking Safety

Never leave your pet in a car during sunny, warm days. Many people feel this is okay to do if you’re ‘just doing it for a minute’. It’s not. Here are some other important tips:

Safe collars and leashes

Don’t expect your pet to be as excited about walking in New York as you are. A city, with its noises and strange surface areas (grates, hot pavement, sirens, etc), can be terrifying to a pet that’s never encountered it before. If possible, try to acclimate your pet to urban areas and sounds before you travel. If that’s not possible, consider a thundershirt or harness for dogs and leave your cat confined to your hotel room. Watch this video to turn your dog’s leash into a harness.


Collars should be secure and include your name and cell phone number. We also strongly recommend permanent identification using microchips.


It’s extremely important that you don’t sedate your pet without consulting your veterinarian. Stress, sedation and heat can be a lethal combination. Additionally pets can’t take most medications meant for people. Make sure you have your pet examined prior to travel and allow your veterinarian to provide you with any necessary, veterinary-approved sedative.

Motion sickness

Restrict a pet from eating for 12 hours prior to car travel. Don’t give treats while they are with you in the car. Additionally, ask us about Cerenia or other medications for motion sickness.

Water and exercise breaks

Stop every 3 or 4 hours or so and give your dog exercise in an area that’s safe and off of major highways. Cats can remain in their carrier or be giving a chance to explore the car’s interior (not when the car is in motion). Keep a collapsible water bowl on hand to provide a drink of water

Flying With Your Pet

Here is a list of airlines and their guidelines for pets in carriers. As a rule, select a pet carrier with these specifications:

  • At least 4 inches of headroom when the pet is standing
  • Enough room to fully stand and to fully turn around
  • Cross ventilation
  • Barriers on the side of the carrier that prevent the ventilation holes from being blocked
  • A place where the pet’s name and your contact information can be permanently inscribed.

The government also has guidelines for traveling with your pet. Use this site to find out more, but please contact us for help making sure you’re compliant with all of the regulations.

Health Certificates and Vaccine Information

As an Animal Medical client, you can log into your Petly Portal and  have instant access to your pet’s health information from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Otherwise make sure you travel with a copy of your pet’s vaccination history and a current health certificate when necessary.

Or You Can Always Board With Us

Any pet that stays with us has the benefit of a full veterinary staff on hand at any given time.  You can rest assured that when your pet is with us, it’s safe, walked regularly, LOVED and benefits from an entire staff of experts on hand.  For more information on our boarding, click here.