Minimally Invasive Surgery


Opening Doors to a Better Standard of Care

New Surgical Techniques Now Available at Animal Medical Mean Less Pain & Faster Recovery for YOUR Pet

We are exited to be  offering this new minimally invasive surgical procedure using advanced laparoscopic equipment and techniques.

Why choose Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Traditionally, more invasive surgery requires larger incisions to allow for the visualization and manipulation of abdominal tissues and organs. Due to surgical trauma, these animals often experience an increased level of stress that can lead to complications such as a hypermetabolic state, an increased kidney and heart workload and decreased immune system function. Perioperative morbidity can result in more pain, slower recovery and longer hospitalization.

Laparoscopic assisted surgery enables our doctors to perform surgery with increased precision through a much smaller incision than would be feasible with conventional surgery.

A study has shown that animals experience significantly less pain when a spay is performed with a minimally invasive technique.

A laparoscope is a rigid fiberoptic scope that is 11mm in diameter and has an instrument channel through which specialized surgical instruments can be passed into the abdomen. At the end of the laparoscope that enters the abdomen, there is a lens and a light. Fiberoptic cables connect the other end of the laparoscope through a camera to a video screen. The abdomen is filled with carbon dioxide gas to provide operating space and visualization.  The lens, light and camera allow the veterinarian to view magnified abdominal organs on the monitor.

Laparoscopic assisted surgery benefits patients by ultimately decreasing post- operative complications and morbidity.

Minimally Invasive Procedures now vialable from Animal Medical of New City include:

~ General Exploratory Surgery ~

~ Cystoscopy (bladder) ~

~ Otoscopy (ears) ~

~ Foreign Body Removal ~

~ Liver Biopsy ~

~ Retained Testicle Removal ~

~ Rhinoscopy (nose) ~

~ Gastropexy* ~

     For more information on gastropexies and other laparoscopic assisted surgeries or how your pet may benefit from minimally invasive procedures, please contact Animal Medical of New City at (845) 638-3600 or by e-mail at:

*A Gastropexy is a prophylactic procedure that ‘tacks’ the stomach to the body wall in order to prevent torsion of the stomach.  Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV or ‘bloat’) is a life threatening condition that commonly occurs in deep chested large breed dogs that is caused by the twisting of a large dilated or bloated stomach. The torsed stomach cuts off blood supply of major blood vessels which leads to shock, tissue necrosis and death. Tacking the stomach to the body wall prevents a bloated stomach from twisting and thus, preventing a life threatening situation.

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