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Highest Licensed Veterinary Technician-to-Doctor Ratio



Animal Medical of New City has one of the highest licensed veterinary technician-to-doctor ratios in our area.  Our licensed veterinary technicians are college educated and licensed by the State of New York.  By law, they are the only veterinary professionals, outside of veterinarians, that are allowed to treat patients under the supervision of our doctors.


Monitoring Oversight and CARE


Our licensed veterinary technicians must pass a NY State boarded exam before they can assist our veterinarians in the dental suite, surgery room, or treatment area.  They oversee all of our hospitalized patients and patients recovering in our surgery ward.  Their knowledge of patient signalment, as well as the subtle signs of pain or fear, are critical to successful treatment outcomes and to ensuring that our patients aren’t afraid or in pain.


Other Support Team Members


Our team members are well educated and invested in animal welfare.  Plus they love to interact with our clients and help them with their pet care needs.

We believe that your service experience will be superior to any other veterinary care that you and your pet have previously experienced. Go ahead, give us a try!  Read more about our team members and then use the number below to reach out and make your first appointment.

Claire C., Client Care Representative

Claire has been with Animal Medical since 2014.  You may recognize her voice from our on-hold messages.  Claire enjoys cooking, knitting and doing yoga with her two kitties.

Claudia D., Licensed Veterinary Technician

Claudia has been with Animal Medical for over 10 years! That means a lot of big dogs and pitbulls have stolen her heart.  When she’s not getting big dog kisses, she’s traveling to a beach or baking cakes (and hopefully bringing in cupcakes for her coworkers). Claudia also pens most of the pet-treat recipes you can find on our site.

Sandy B., Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sandy has been part of the AMNC family since 1996. She earned her Bachelor of Science in veterinary technology and Master of Science in organizational leadership from Mercy College. She especially loves ophthalmology, anesthesia, and surgical nursing. She also is an assistant professor at Mercy College where she shares her knowledge and experience with vet tech students.  Sandy has a special place in her heart for the grumpy cats who visit our practice and is always trying to win them over.

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Dori M., Veterinary Assistant, Community Outreach

You have probably met Dori at one of the community events that Animal Medical attends, like the New City Street Fair.  Dori has a Master’s Degree from Marist College and enjoys being outside, hiking and running.  She is a proud fur-mom to a boxer, a police K9 and four kitties.  Please don’t ask her to foster any kittens, she will.

 Courtney S., Licensed Veterinary Technician

Courtney can be found fixing things throughout the hospital and bringing happiness to all the staff, clients and pets she comes across.  She has two little dogs, Bailey and Charlie. 

Rebecca C. Client Care Representative

Rebecca returned to us after a hiatus in Florida and working at a zoo! She has been a dog mom for a while to Tater Tot and Wrangler, but recently became a mom to a human baby named Hudson.  Rebecca is all smiles while she juggles it all!

Amy C. Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amy wears many hats here at Animal Medical! Her favorite part of being a veterinary technician is the nursing care. When she’s not busy with her many tasks at the hospital, she enjoys riding her horse Benny and spending time with her daughter Lea. 

Samantha M., Veterinary Assistant

Samantha has been an assistant here for many years, but will begin her journey to become a veterinarian soon! In the meantime, she cares for her rescue dog, Koda, and helps the Animal Medical team streamline client service and patient care.

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