Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment

Or use the guidelines below to make sure you

reserve the right amount of time for your pet’s visit.







Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment


Or use the instructions below to ensure that
you reserve the right amount of time for your pet.









New Patient or Existing Patient


If you have been to Animal Medical of New City with another pet, select “Existing Patient” even if this is a pet that have never seen before.  If you are new to our practice, Welcome! Select “New Patient” for this field.




Use one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number when creating your password.


Password Recovery


If your cell number or email has been used for an account with Animal Medical of New City, use the “reset password” link to set up the password you will use to schedule appointments. Watch this ‘how to’ video if you are having issues.


Use Your Phone Number


If your not sure which email you have on file with Animal Medical of New City, please use your phone number (without hyphens/dashes) for your first password reset and log into your account. Please write down your password, or save it in your browser. You will need it to schedule future appointments.


Picking the Right Appointment


Right now, you can use our appointment scheduler to book two kinds of appointments:


Wellness Appointment:


If your pet requires annual preventative care including an examination and vaccinations, select “Wellness Appointment”.


Not Feeling Well Appointment


If you are concerned about a possible medical condition, select “Not Feeling Well’ appointment.  If your pet has any of the following symptoms, please call us for additional guidance:


    • Breathing difficulty
    • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
    • Bleeding
    • Trauma (hit by car, fall, and other kinds of accidents)
    • Extreme lethargy, reluctance to move
    • Seizures or inability to maintain stability when walking