Cancer Treatment








Cancer Treatment


Grappling with a diagnosis of cancer in your dog or cat is tough.  Let us help


30 Year of Experiencing Treating Cancer in Dogs and Cats


Cancer is a frightening disease, but we’ve been working with cancer patients for more than 30 years.  Hundreds of cases have taught us how to be more successful in our fight against this disease, how to reduce side effects of the medications used to treat cancer, and how to keep pets calm and feeling loved while they’re here with us.


Chemotherapy For Your Pet


We are trained and experienced providers of chemotherapeutic drugs and we have ways to help your pet manage any negative side effects.  You are concerned that your pet will feel frightened and ill during his or her treatment period.  We understand the value of helping dogs and cats feel nurtured and loved during treatment.  Our whole staff is trained in fear free techniques and we have specific team members that specialize in handling large dogs, cats and traditionally aggressive patients.  We want to break through your pet’s fear, reach out, and help him or her feel loved and to get better.


What Kind of an Outcome Can I Expect?


Cancer therapy is improving all the time and the Animal Medical veterinary and nursing team regularly attend continuing education, seminars and symposiums on the topic.  If there is a cancer treatment out there that we believe will be helpful, we’ll help find it for your pet


Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture for Cancer Treatment


Dr. Lisa Schenkel runs our Physical Medicine Department, an area of our practice where Western and Eastern veterinary treatments merge. As part of your pet’s treatment plan, we’ll discuss your interest in alternative medicine as a way of directly treating your pet’s cancer and managing any associated pain.  We have found that patients respond very well when we combine our traditional approach to cancer treatment in this way, but each case is unique.   At your appointment you’ll meet Dr. Schenkel and both agree if this added step to therapy is right for you and your pet.


Stress Free Care


Animal Medical is an advanced medical center in a comfortable setting. Pets like the homey feel of our practice and all of our team members are trained in fear-free techniques to keep dogs and cats feeling safe and comfortable.  In cases where pets are in pain or have a history of anxiety, we have both natural and more traditional forms of calming, pain reducing medications.  Our goal is great medicine and great care.



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