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American Animal Hospital Association

Animal Medical is one of only 15% of veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, North America’s only veterinary accreditation body. The designation requires compliance with more than 50 mandatory safety and medicine standards as well as some 950 other points-based criteria. You can learn more about AAHA by viewing this short 2 minute video.

Low Stress Handling

Animal Medical’s team members have completed an accredited training course to minimize stress in dogs and cats. Each of our exam rooms is designed to improve the patient’s experience and we have special exam rooms designed specifically for cats to help them feel safe.

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Animal Medical is accredited by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a ‘Gold’ status Feline Friendly hospital. It is the organization’s highest designation. Read more about our designation.

Second Opinion


Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that requires expensive surgery? We may be able to help. We do a number of advanced surgery procedures in house using board certified or our own, highly skilled doctors. This keeps our care quality high, but costs lower than at expensive referral hospitals.

Mast Cell Tumor Surgery

Dental Surgery

Luxating Patella Repair

Cruciate Repair

Laparascopic Spay

Use the links above or visit our Second Opinion Page.


Has your pet been diagnosed with cancer, but you are unsure of how to proceed with treatment? We have more than 35 years of experience helping pet owners make treatment decisions for pets with cancer that consider quality of life, the pet owner’s emotional wellbeing, and cost. Read more.

Internal Medicine

Animal Medical uses minimally invasive modalities to diagnose and treat advanced disease.

Save yourself the cost of an advanced veterinary specialty practice. Our doctors have the training and equipment to care for your pet’s medical condition. One of our veterinarians was even asked to treat Koko, the sign language gorilla.


Pet Insurance

More pet owners are choosing insurance to manage the cost of veterinary care, but it’s important to sign up for a policy before your pet is diagnosed with any preexisting medical conditions.  Find out more using our Financing Veterinary Care Resource Page.


CareCredit is America’s number one medical care financing company. Once approved, you can use the credit line for both your pet and some of your own medical needs. Apply for CareCredit online.


Simple, friendly payment plans with no surprises.

Finding your plan won’t affect your credit score.

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Pet Health Savings Accounts

Find out how to use to save money for an unexpected medical bill.

Meet The Team




Dr. Howard Gittelman

Dr. Howard Gittelman is the Medical Director and Owner of Animal Medical of New City. He serves on the New York State Board of Veterinary Medicine and has been an active voice in the Rockland County Veterinary Medical Association for more than 15 years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. Read more about Dr. Howard Gittelman.

Dr. Ashley Gillman

Dr. Gillman is the newest member of the Animal Medical veterinarian team and enjoys preventative and internal veterinary medicine. She was especially keen to practice at Animal Medical because of our practice’s reputation as a Second Opinion Vet and because of our extensive ability to treat internal medicine cases. Read more on Dr. Ashley Gillman.

Dr. Lisa Schenkel


After completing her degree in electrical engineering and working in her chosen field, Dr. Schenkel returned to school to begin her veterinary education at Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Following her graduation, she completed an internship at Sacramento Animal Medical Group in Carmichael, California and an additional year of practice at the North Shore Animal League Hospital for small animals. She’s been with our practice since 2000. More on Dr. Lisa Schenkel.

Support Team

We have one of the highest number of credentialed veterinary nurses per doctor in the Northeast. That means that the technicians helping your pets have graduated from a nationally accredited veterinary technician college and are licensed in the state of New York.  Our client care representatives are hired for compassion , intelligence, and strong interest in customer service. Animal Medical of New City provides a robust schedule of continuing education for all employees to keep our team members abreast of the latest advances in animal care and client service.

Rescue Pets



Animal Medical doctors are trained in shelter medicine. We can help you and your newly adopted pet get started on a great life together. Read adopting pets in Rockland County, NY.

New Dogs



No tail wagger is too big or too small. We have 35 years experience taking care of Rockland County’s dogs. More

New Cats



We are a designated Feline Gold practice. Only 1 out of 3 practices in Rockland has that distinction. Over the years, we’ve helped out with a lot of questions on how to keep cats calm during travel as well as other valuable information. Read it all here, free

No Fear!  No Stress!



Every one of our team members is trained to keep the patient experience stress free.

Senior Pets



We love our seniors!  We take extra gentle care of our beloved older patients. More



Telemedicine services are available when appropriate. Call us for more information


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