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COVID-19-Related Changes


We have temporarily changed the way we serve our clients and patients during the Covid pandemic.  Please read our new service policy so that we can take care of your pet while keeping everyone safe. We’ve also added telemedicine services, but are closed for in-person visits.  Use the links to read more.



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How To Give My Pet An Exam

By examining your dog in the comfort of your home where he is most relaxed, you can get accurate, stress free information that is critical to a veterinarian’s understanding of your pet’s health.  Learn these ten focus points of your dog’s body and what information is most important to a veterinarian, then prepare your dog for the most enjoyable, relaxed examination of his life!

A Man of Faith, A Person Who Loved: 3 reasons why Congressman John Lewis was the real deal

John Lewis, ‘The Conscious of Congress’, grew up in segregated Alabama, toiled as a youth picking cotton, and experienced firsthand the injustices of racism, yet his inimitable humanity, capacity for love, and bravery triumphed.

Animal Medical of New City Releases Statement On Covid19 and Pets

In the wake of news by the United States Department of Agriculture and Center for Disease Control that two New York household cats tested positive for the Covid19 virus, Animal Medical has released the following statement to pet owners.

Annual April Fool’s Gag. Which Story Is Real?

Every year we like to pull a fast one on our clients during April fools. In the past there have been fibs about treating Star Trek Tribbles, sighting Sasquatch near Bear Mountain, and others.  This year, we thought it might be inappropriate to play a trick given the current headlines, but we appreciated the value of a bit of fun and levity.  So we came up with a plan.

Veterinary Care During COVID-19 Outbreak: Animal Medical Announces Changes

In compliance with the New York State On Pause Executive Order, Animal Medical is limiting our care to patients that are sick, injured, in pain, near end of life, or having an emergency.  If your pet needs vaccines, or his or her annual exam at this time, please use the form below to reschedule your pets appointment for some time in May.

COVID-19 And Pets: Helpful information

After a dog in Hong Kong tested positive for the corona virus, COVID-19, we’ve had several questions about pets as a possible source of infection.  Here are the facts, as we know them.

Remains Point To 30,000-Year-Old Human-Animal Bond

Newly uncovered, 30,000 year old fossils provide further evidence that dogs were man’s first domesticated animals.

Are Raw Diets Good For My Dog or Cat?

Veterinarian, Dr. Howard Gittelman of Animal Medical of New City, explains everything pet owners need to know about raw diets for dogs and cats. Is it okay to feed my dog or cat a raw diet? The answer…

Is Spaying And Neutering Bad For My Pet?

On September 3rd, 2019, the NY Times published an Op-Ed piece by Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who studies dogs.  In the article, Horowitz argues that we have created a culture where we are desexing dogs and cats to conform to our way of living without paying enough attention to the health implications of our actions. The article is causing quite a stir amongst pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. 

How To Know If My Pet Is Dying

Watching an elderly or sick pet decline in health is an emotionally draining experience.  Here are signs that your pet’s health is waning and that he or she may be nearing death.