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Tick Population At Record Level

2018 Tick Borne Disease in Rockland County Reaches New High

Warmer weather continues to draw ticks into our area…and disease.

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Lyme Disease in Dogs





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What You Should Know About FDA Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica Alert

The FDA recently issued an alert regarding products like Nexgard, Bravecto, Simparica and Credelio.  Here’s what you should know.

Take One Camera and Call Me In The Morning

Swallowable camera photographs entire length of dog’s digestive track for 360 degree, painless, diagnosis of canine digestive disorders.

How To Stop Your Dog Digging Up your Flower Bed

Sure you can fence your flowers in or space wooden stakes throughout the bed, but who wants to do all of that!?

Where Are All The Bugs and Bats?

View the results of a survey that we conducted of the people that live in our area. Nearly all report a decline in seeing important species.

With a Name Like Smuckers, it has to be…GROSS!

Class Action lawsuit cites proof that Smuckers-owned company sold pet food contaminated with euthanasia solution.  

Animal Hoarding: A mental illness with devastating consequences

Often lampooned as ‘crazy cat ladies’, animal hoarders are no laughing matter. They are psychologically disturbed individuals whose behavior hurts the animals that they possess, their community, and themselves. Animal hoarders have a near 100% recidivism rate and cost municipalities tens of thousands of dollars per case.

Arsenic Saved This Dog

On a remote, Caribbean island, a stray dog is rescued, but only a trip to the U.S., 4 months of special treatments, and 3 doses of arsenic keep her from dying.