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Dr. Lisa Schenkel

Physical Medicine & Director

A longer healthier life for your pet ‘Whole’ istically

Tick Population At Record Level

2019 Tick Borne Disease in Rockland County Reaches New High

Warmer weather continues to draw ticks into our area…and disease.

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Lyme Disease in Dogs





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Are Raw Diets Good For My Dog or Cat?

Veterinarian, Dr. Howard Gittelman of Animal Medical of New City, explains everything pet owners need to know about raw diets for dogs and cats. Is it okay to feed my dog or cat a raw diet? The answer…

Is Spaying And Neutering Bad For My Pet?

On September 3rd, 2019, the NY Times published an Op-Ed piece by Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who studies dogs.  In the article, Horowitz argues that we have created a culture where we are desexing dogs and cats to conform to our way of living without paying enough attention to the health implications of our actions. The article is causing quite a stir amongst pet owners and veterinary professionals alike.

How To Know If My Pet Is Dying

Watching an elderly or sick pet decline in health is an emotionally draining experience.  Here are signs that your pet’s health is waning and that he or she may be nearing death.

Toy Obsession in Dogs

Does your dog have a favorite toy?  Does your dog mother her toy?  Carry it around everywhere?  Destroy it? Here’s a look at what’s going on with your toy obsessed dog and some guidelines on selecting a toy for your pet.

You’ll Live To Be A Hundred (and so will your pet!)

Veterinary medicine is keeping step with the advances in human health care to extend life, increase the quality of living, and keep both the two-leggers and four-leggers living together longer.

What Do Animals Dream About?

Evidence points that the origins of dreaming go back 300 million years or more and that virtually every animal dreams to some degree.  Here is what’s happening when your pet is ‘paddling’ through the sheets of your bed.