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Animal Medical of New City has been the go-to source for second opinions on veterinary cases for 30 years.  Explore how we can help your pet get the diagnosis and treatment he or she requires in a homey, personalized setting.

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Additional Second Opinion Procedures,  Diagnostics and Surgical Tools


Animal Medical is equipped with a wide array of minimally invasive procedures, diagnostics, and surgical tools that allow us to accurately diagnose disease and treat it.




Dr. Howard Gittelman was on the endoscopy team that assisted Koko the gorilla when she had a foreign body removed from her stomach, but there are plenty of local success stories of how Animal Medical has used endoscopy to diagnose and treat gastrointestinal conditions without the added risk and pain of surgery.  In addition to intestinal endoscopy we are also equipped to perform nasal  (rhinoscopy), bladder (cystoscopy), ear (otoscopy), tracheal and bronchia (bronchoscopy) and joint endoscopy (arthroscopy).  When diagnosing conditions affecting these areas, endoscopy provides a less invasive way of establishing a definitive diagnosis leading to prompt treatment and more rapid return to function.  In many cases surgery can be performed through the scope allowing precise treatment to be applied to areas generally through conventional surgery.


Digital Radiography


Animal medical has onsite digital radiography, a state-of-the-art technology allowing us to see inside a patient’s body and make a diagnosis.  The nursing team, specially trained in this area, can ensure that we get the very best images of your pet’s body while keeping your pet feeling calm and fear free.




If your pet is having chronic discharge or swelling of the nose and or difficulty breathing, we can look inside your pet’s nasal passages to see if the problem originates there.  Rhinoscopy is precise and minimally invasive.  Veterinary surgical specialists are available to perform procedures on site should the need arise.




Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique performed at Animal Medical that allows our patients to experience the same benefits as humans in the treatment of a variety of surgical conditions.  It is our method of choice when we spay female dogs.  The procedure decreases stress, pain and risk for post operative complications while providing a more rapid recovery over the traditional spay procedure.  Because of the visibility and access this technique provides it is our preferred method for bladder stone (urolithiasis) removal, retained testicles (cryptorchidism) and elective stomach tacking (gastropexy) in large breed dogs prone to gastric torsion (twisted stomach) and dilation.


Physical Medicine


Animal Medical is the only veterinary office in Rockland County with a Physical Medicine department, an extension of our general practice.   Every patient presenting for physical medicine receives an indepth orthopedic and neurologic examination in addition to extensive gait analysis.  Once a diagnosis is established  our doctors  formulate a treatment protocol that combines acupuncture, cold laser, physical therapy, massage, natural supplements and more traditional medicines as a way to promote healing, reduce pain and improve a patient’s strength and vigor.




In the event that you pet is diagnosed with a urethra or bladder problem, Animal Medical has a cystoscope that allow us to pass a tiny camera inside the urninary tract and observe or take samples.


Video Otoscopy


So many of our patients have chronic ear issues related to a variety of problems that would benefit from an accurate diagnosis and appropriate intervetion.  Animal Medical of New City uses a video otoscope  that allow us to clearlyl view the entire ear canal while allowing instrumentation deep within the ear canal to diagnose and treat the problem appropriately helping your pet heal.


Laser Surgery


Animal Medical is equipped with both CO2 and diode laser equipement that allows us to perform bloodless surgery while minimizing post operative pain and swelling.  Lasers are particularly well adapted for surgical where access is limited, precision is paramount and control of excessive bleeding would otherwise be difficult.  Lasers are used in almost every surgical procedure performed at Animal Medical because we believe it speeds healing and improves the patient’s recovery from surgery.



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