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A happy ending for everyone at Animal Medical of New City

A happy ending for everyone at Animal Medical of New City   The doctors at Animal Medical had been working very hard on a case that involved a young cat in Kidney failure.  Despite all of their best efforts and amazing at home care by the family, the disease was...

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“Tech Tips”

Check out the latest "Tech Tips" from the Licensed Veterinary Technicians at Animal Medical of New City.   Coughing up a hairball" is an inaccuracy. Hairballs are formed when a cat grooms itself and swallows the hair that gets caught in their comb-like tongue....

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Say Hello to Dr. Fiamma Gomez De Witte!

The Animal Medical of New City is pleased to introduce the newest member of our professional team, Dr. Fiamma Gomez De Witte. Dr. Gomez will be bringing her expertise in large and small animal medicine to Animal Medical to allow us to continue to provide the highest...

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