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We have the ability to affordably slow the aging process in dogs and cats and keep these animals living longer and healthier lives.


Annual physical exams are an excellent way of keeping your pet healthy and catching disease before it advances to a more serious stage.  Animal Medical provides the following services for senior pets:


  • Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Testing
  • Mobility Assessment and Treatment of Arthritis-related Pain
  • Eye Examination and Vision Assessment
  • Hearing Assessment
  • Comprehensive Blood Screening To Assess Organ Function
  • Oral Health Assessment
  • Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling
  • And Tender Loving Care!


What’s a Senior Wellness Test for a Dog Or Cat?

For a more comprehensive description of what we do for senior dogs, visit the American Animal Hospital Association’s list of recommendations for pets over the age of 7.



One benefit of coming to Animal Medical for senior pet care is our ability to look at the internal organs of your pet on demand. This means that if doctors suspect something is not normal, they can use our digital radiography or our ultrasound technology to visualize your pet’s internal organs while you wait.



Though it may not seem apparent to you, most senior animals experience some level of arthritic pain.  Arthritis is a kind of self-fulfilling illness.  Painful pets are less likely to exercise leading to weight gain, which in turn puts more stress on painful joints and exacerbates the problem.  And it’s all needless suffering!  Animal medical has numerous, affordable ways to treat joint pain and mobility issues, medication only being one of them! Animal medical employs Rockland County’s ONLY certified canine rehabilitation doctor, veterinarian Lisa Schenkel.  Under the direction of Dr. Schenkel, our rehab program is one of our area’s most effective and progressive.



Keep your dog living longer at Animal Medical of New City

Congratulations! You’re all done! And you know it wasn’t that hard. it didn’t even hurt! Diagnostic imaging is non-invasive and provides a WEALTH of information.


‘How Can I Keep My Dog Living Longer?’  Come to Animal Medical of New City!


If you have a senior pet, chances are you have already spotted signs of age that are concerning you.  You’re not imagining things.  Changes in eating habits, elimination habits, mobility, weight, and vigor are real and important.  Use our FREE 10-minute phone consultation to talk with a veterinary professional about the changes you are seeing.  We’ll be able to give you some informed advice on what you should do.

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