A Lifelong Bond


The staff of Animal Medical of New City believes in the dignity of all animals and in the special value of the bonds forged between humans and companion animals. We feel that every animal brought to us is owned by a compassionate and concerned individual who desires the ultimate in animal care and treatment. To this end, we dedicate our services and facilities, and we will constantly strive through continuing education and advancement in instrumentation, to give each patient the same consideration we would expect for members of our own family.

We believe that health and well being of your new puppy can best be assured by participating in a program of well animal care, stressing preventative medicine and early detection of health problems. With this in mind, we have developed the following programs as a standard for well animal care. Please note these are general guidelines. Each new puppy will receive a custom designed preventative health care program and vaccination schedule according to his or her personal needs.

Please review the links below for further information on specific puppy issues.