Less Pain and Faster Healing


Did you know that if your pet has surgery at Animal Medical of New City, PC that it is most likely being performed with a surgical laser? Lasers work by emitting a high-energy beam of focused light that vaporizes water contained within living organisms. There are many different types of laser; some are intended to cut or vaporize tissue; these are surgical lasers. Others penetrate deep within tissues and are absorbed by injured tendon’s and muscles thus exerting a therapeutic effect promoting healing and decreasing inflammation. We began using a carbon dioxide surgical laser in 2002 and quickly found it to be an indispensable tool. The advantages of this tool is it allows for precise control of the surgeon’s incision, significant reduction in bleeding in most cases and less pain due to it’s ability to seal nerve endings as it cuts. The post operative recovery is usually smoother due to less collateral damage and swelling that typically accompanies conventional cold steel surgery. Due to the increased precision inherent in this tool and the decreased swelling associated with this technique many procedures that were previously associated with high morbidity are now possible and with a reduced complication rate. This translates into a shorter hospitalization stay and a more rapid return to function. To learn more about laser surgery ask one of our staff members for a demonstration.

Veterinary Laser New City