Number 4, The Pug

Did you know that the pug was mentioned by Confucius as early as 551 BC…and in some cases, it seems like it’s been that long since it has brushed its teeth!

Lion or dog? The Chinese believed that Buddha would return to earth riding a lion. For this reason, dogs in the royal court were bred to look like lions. What do you think? Is this a pug, a lion or a little bit of both?



On Guard!

Related to the Pekinese these dogs were favored by Chinese Emperors and sometimes had their own (human) body guards. Pugs are known as brachiocephalic dogs (think ‘pushed-in faces’), a condition that requires an additional level of safety when administering any kind of anesthesia (necessary for treating dental disease).



Prevention is Essential

If you have a brachiocephalic dog ( a pug), treat dental disease early! It’s inevitable that these breeds will have advanced periodontal disease by the time they are 7.  Waiting will only lengthen the procedure, increase the risk of anesthesia, and leave your pug feeling lousy during the prime years of its life.  Even the Pug fan club thinks pugs need help early !