Children Lose Young Cat To Kidney Failure

The doctors at Animal Medical had been working very hard on a case that involved a young cat in Kidney failure.  Despite all of their best efforts and amazing at home care by the family, the disease was progressing too fast and the difficult decision was made to let this young feline cross over the rainbow bridge.  This left the kids of the house very sad and confused having lost such a big part of their family.

An Opportunity to Adopt A Needy Cat From Another Family

During that same time, another family was dealing with a hardship of their own and was going to be displaced.  They had a young adult cat, a healthy girl named Dolce that Animal Medical agreed to house with the hopes of one day adopting her out.   Since it is increasingly difficult to place adult cats, they weren’t sure how long Dolce was going to stay here but then we realized that she may be the perfect fit for the family who recently lost their family cat to Renal Failure.

A Forever Home

We arranged for a meeting with the prospective family to see how the interaction would go.   It was a perfect fit!  The children were so happy to welcome Dolce and the family was happy that they could rescue an adult cat knowing how difficult it is to place them.  Now that Dolce is becoming more comfortable with her new home, the family has added on to Dolce’s name, making it “Dolce Loco” because she is always playing and super excited!