In our effort to keep you and your pet safe during Covid-19, we have adjusted the way we take care of you both. Please read our temporary changes to policy to expedite your pet’s visit with us.


  • For the time being, we are restricting clients from entering our facility.
  • When you arrive to the practice, please make sure you cat is securely placed in a pet carrier.  Remove any collars and bedding beforehand.  Similarly, leash your dog and remove any additional harnesses and collars.
  • Please text us a message at 845-638-3600 when you arrive for your appointment. In the message, let us know your name, your pet’s name, your appointment time and parking spot number. You will receive a return message acknowledging that we received your text.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive a phone call from one of our veterinary nurses who will take a medical history and instruct you to meet them in the entrance way and escort your pet into the hospital.
  • A carrier is ideal if your pet is small enough and required for all cats and exotic pets. 
  • Once in the hospital one of our doctors will perform a physical examination and/or  the procedures outlined on your treatment plan.
  • The doctor will contact you with their findings and recommendations and you will be able to discuss any of your concerns at that time.
  • Upon completion, a team member will call you and review your pet’s prescribed medications and treatments. Payment will subsequently be collected.  We are continuing to accept cash and credit cards only; we apologize but we do not take personal checks. 
  • Written instructions will be provided as needed to ensure your pet receives the prescribed therapy.
  • After the examination is complete, and the treatments have been performed, we will return your pet to you in the entrance way. 
  • All our employees wear protective clothing and equipment during work hours to keep them safe and to prevent any disease transmission between humans and pets.
  • We respectfully request that you wear a face mask when exiting your car and when communicating with staff members at the recommended six-foot-minimal distance.
  • Employees disinfect all surfaces between each appointment.
  • Employees wash hands before and after each treatment and change any protective gear as needed.
  • We have temporarily suspended seeing walk-in appointments.


If you have contracted or have been exposed to COVID-19, please do not bring your pet to the hospital.  Please contact the hospital to discuss the best course of action for your pet to receive the care he or she may need.

If you are dealing with an end of life issue with your pet please contact the hospital to discuss how we can provide special accommodations.   


Animal Medical option for telemedicine service. 

If you would prefer to limit your exposure to the outside and others, Animal Medical of New City now offers telemedicine services to clients with an established relationship to our practice.

We understand that you might be concerned about the news reports that dogs and cats can transmit COVID-19 . For more information visit us at Animal Medical of New City or the American Veterinary Medical Association for more detailed  information.

We thank you for your assistance in helping us keep our clients and team members healthy and safe,



Howard Gittelman DVM, MS

Hospital Director

Animal Medical of New City PC