Pruritis…Itchiness…A Very Common Problem With Dogs and Cats

One of the most common, and sometimes frustrating, conditions that we are asked to treat is the itchy dog. Many of these patients are chronic sufferers and management can be challenging. Patients afflicted with allergic dermatitis are best managed using a multi-modal approach which may include topical therapy, allergy injections, antimicrobial therapy, parasite control and strict dietary management. Although, the removal of the offending allergen from the pet’s environment is a critical step in controlling this condition, it is not always possible. Controlling the itch almost always requires the concurrent use of cortisone which can have troublesome side effects when used in the chronically itchy dog.


Apoquel, A New Drug Makes a Dramatic Impact

Recently, a new anti-itch drug that promises to offer relief to patients suffering from this condition has become available. Apoquel® is a completely novel drug that inhibits the release of multiple biological substances that are responsible for both inflammation and the itching sensation. The medication begins to take effect within hours of being administered and is reported to have a wide margin of safety with minimal side effects. Apoquel® can be administered safely for both short and long term therapy without the side effects that can be associated with cortisone treatment. Apoquel® has been shown to reduce scratching as much as 67% when compared to controls in double blinded studies.

This is an important breakthrough which may finally offer you and your chronically allergic dog some relief from the suffering of this troublesome condition.

Please note: Apoquel® must be used properly with the same strict attention paid to establishing a diagnosis and treatment plan that addresses the pertinent issues that affect allergic dogs.If you would like to learn more about Apoquel®,please call our office to speak with one of our staff members or to schedule an appointment with a doctor.