How To Know If My Pet Is Dying

Watching an elderly or sick pet decline in health is an emotionally draining experience.  Here are signs that your pet’s health is waning and that he or she may be nearing death.

The Second Opinion Veterinarian

Saved a dog with arsenic? Helped remove a plastic toy from Koko the gorilla? Find out how this New City Animal Hospital became the Second Opinion Vet.   Betty White Recommended Animal Medical of New City   In 2012, Koko, the gorilla that had been taught sign...

Toy Obsession in Dogs

Does your dog have a favorite toy?  Does your dog mother her toy?  Carry it around everywhere?  Destroy it? Here’s a look at what’s going on with your toy obsessed dog and some guidelines on selecting a toy for your pet.

Why Does My Dog Jump On Me?

There are a number of reasons why your dog jumps on you.  Here’s a lineup of the most likely reasons.   He’s trying to get closer to your face   It is natural for dogs to sniff the muzzles of other dogs that they meet.  The dogs are learning about what the...

House Burns Down After Family’s Dog and Cat Have Colossal Fight.

Reuters: A long-standing feud between a family’s dog and cat ended in a 3 alarm fire.   Bradford County, Pa.volunteer firemen were called to the scene of 12585 Rte 187 in Wyalusing, Pa. after a family’s dog and cat chased each other in a fight, accidently knocked...