How To Encourage My Dog To Eat

Is your dog not eating?  After determining the underlying cause, try these tricks to encourage eating.   Determine Why Your Pet Is Not Eating   It is not normal for dogs to refuse food.  Even one day of not eating should command your attention.  If your pet...

50,000 Meow Check Up Plus Apple AirTag

Can’t find your cat? Be entered to win 1 of 10 free AirTags when you schedule your cat’s comprehensive, physical examination at Animal Medical of New City. 

Tips on Streamlining Your Pet’s Curbside Care

Animal Medical of New City has implemented a number of protocols that will make your pet’s visit with us stress free and efficient. We’re always looking for ways to help you and your pet as best we can!   Schedule Your Own Appointment Online   Next time you...

Veterinarian Takes Issue With Seresto Article

The Animal Medical of New City Medical Direct is particularly vexed by an unsubstantiated report that says Seresto collars kill pets. Read how he believes we should respond to reporting that seems spurious.

How To Stop Pet’s From Stealing Each Other’s Food

New electronic SureFeed microchip feeders prevent one pet from stealing another’s food. They also keep food fresher and reduce waste. Find out more about these easy-to-use systems that work with your pet’s existing microchip or collar ID to control portions and stop other household pets from raiding the bowl.