Annual April Fool’s Gag. Which Story Is Real?

Every year we like to pull a fast one on our clients during April fools. In the past there have been fibs about treating Star Trek Tribbles, sighting Sasquatch near Bear Mountain, and others.  This year, we thought it might be inappropriate to play a trick given the current headlines, but we appreciated the value of a bit of fun and levity.  So we came up with a plan.

COVID-19 And Pets: Helpful information

After a dog in Hong Kong tested positive for the corona virus, COVID-19, we’ve had several questions about pets as a possible source of infection.  Here are the facts, as we know them.

Are Raw Diets Good For My Dog or Cat?

Veterinarian, Dr. Howard Gittelman of Animal Medical of New City, explains everything pet owners need to know about raw diets for dogs and cats. Is it okay to feed my dog or cat a raw diet? The answer…