Remember what it was like to drive in the car with your pet and not feel like something had died under the seat? Remember what it was like to take a ball from your dog’s mouth and not recoil at the smell? Dental disease doesn’t just impact health; it puts physical distance between you and your pet. Don’t let it! Dental disease can be affordably treated and once cured, will make a big difference in how your dog or cat feels. Plus you won’t be punishing your pet anymore by pushing him or her away. It will be enjoyable to snuggle once again.

Her Mouth Smelled Like Something Died in It

“I simply couldn’t hack it,” says Bash Halow, Animal Medical client since 2008.

Veterinary dentistry at Animal Medical of New City

AMNC client Bash Halow says that a dental cleaning brought his pet Rye back into his family’s life

“According to Dr. Gittelman, my dog Rye didn’t have bad dental disease, but it sure smelled like she did. Driving in the car with her was unbearable. When we took trips (which she loves), she would sit in the back seat and poke her head forward so she could look out the window. Her face was right next to mine. The smell was horrible. Even in winter, I had to keep the window rolled down. I’m sure I made her feel bad by pushing her away as much as I did. It was that breath. It literally smelled like something dead.


Your Dog Will Act Like a Puppy Again

“But they cleaned her mouth and now everything has changed. Firstly she’s a new dog. As I said before, she wasn’t diagnosed with much disease, just tartar and some red gums, but getting rid of that made a big difference. She is three times more energetic. The Animal Medical team says that it’s because the dentistry eliminated the chronic, low-grade infection that was in her mouth.


Our Dog Is Back In Our Lives

“Secondly, she’s my girl once more. Me, my partner, my nieces, we can hug her again. We can ride in the car with her and not push her away. She can get in bed with us and not reek. We took away the smell that was keeping her separated from us. And on top of that, she genuinely seems to be more robust; like she feels better physically.”

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Mr. Halow’s success story is not a surprise to Dr. Howard Gittleman, AMNC’s medical director. “Most of our clients are thrilled that they had their pet’s teeth cleaned. The only reason more of our clients don’t have a professional cleaning performed for their pet is because they’re concerned about risk and cost; real issues that I would like to address.

Pet Dentistry is Safe At Animal Medical of New City

“Firstly, our anesthetic protocols are as safe as they can be. We have advanced monitoring equipment, the best medications available, the best anesthetic protocol, and a dedicated anesthetic monitoring nurse. I would encourage any of our clients to take a tour of our dental suite to see the extent to which we ensure safety; we are that proud of what we do. Every veterinarian and support staff member at our practice feels comfortable anesthetizing their pet here because they know about (and often participate in some manner) our exemplary anesthetic safety protocols.

She's not mad, she's just breathing hard. A dental cleaning and the elimination of bacteria in her mouth, brought this dog, Olivia, renewed vigor

She’s not mad, she’s just breathing hard. A dental cleaning and the elimination of bacteria in her mouth, brought this dog, Rye, renewed vigor

“Secondly, we have a number of ways to address the cost of dentistry. We encourage our clients to have their pet’s teeth cleaned sooner rather than later so that it’s less likely they’ll have to pay for extractions. We also have great payment options; things like Care Credit or Veterinary Billing Payment Plans that allow clients to spread out the cost of prevention over time.”