Laparoscopic Spay

Animal Medical of New City performs minimally invasive laparoscopic spay procedures on dogs and cats.  Laparoscopic spays are minimally invasive and less painful than the traditional spay spay procedure. Pets that are spayed laparoscopically recover faster and heal faster. 

What To Do For Arthritis in Dogs?

New research on pain management for humans turns out to be a boon for dogs. Here is a list of the latest treatments and medicines for canine arthritis management.

What Kind of Vaccines Do Cats Need?

                           ‘What kind of vaccines do cats need?’ and other vaccine-related questions answered here.   Why Do Kittens Need So Many Shots?   Great question- Your kitten acquired...

Caring For Your Dog or Cat After Surgery

Taking My Pet Home After Surgery   Pets that go home the same day after surgery may act or appear tired.  This is normal as the last remains of the anesthetic wear off.  The fatigue should be gone the following day.  It is normal for patients to urinate the same...