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Diarrhea Concerns

Sep 1, 2011

(Excerpted and Reprinted from DVM 360)

By: Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT

As an experienced veterinary technician, I have fielded many calls from clients about their pet’s diarrhea.  My response is always to tell them to come in.  This may seem over-kill for a condition that you have seen come and go without significant consequences in your pet,  but from our perspective as a center for premium pet care, we often see cases of diarrhea that are anything but benign.   Anything less than a full examination of a pet experiencing diarrhea would be considered negligent by many of the leading members of the veterinary community.
Dr. Howard Gittleman, of Animal Medical of New City, put it this way: “I think it’s important we acknowledge owners’ concerns about coming in, but it’s equally important that they understand that a visit to the veterinarian can rule out some real and potentially serious problems. At the very least, these patients are uncomfortable and we have many things in our toolbox that can make them feel and live better.”
The bottom line is that you should feel comfortable going to your veterinarian for all of your pet’s health care needs, regardless of how minor you believe them to be.  You should have faith that the journey to your veterinarian will be informative and effective at solving your pet’s health concerns.  If you’re not having this kind of experience, don’t be afraid to talk to your pet’s health provider about the lapse.  All of us are here to help at all times and want to make every entrance you take through our doors pleasant, valuable and productive.

Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT, owns Halow Consulting in New York City and Wyalusing, Penn.
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