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Too often animals arrive at Hi-Tor Animal Care Center’s doorstep due to irresponsible pet ownership. Some of the animals that come to the shelter are very sick or injured, severely neglected or abused, untrained or unsocialized and in need of serious medical care and major TLC. Hi-Tor works hard to get these animals the care they need, groom them and get them ready for adoption. They  also work with wonderful foster familes who make sure these animals receive the medical attention they need.

Please take a moment to read Missy and Mona’s stoies.  It’s been quite the journey for both… and we are happy to report that both have found homes with a wonderful families.

Missy’s Story:
A Bulldog Breaks A Bone

512Missy, a Hi-Tor adopetee, is a 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog cross in foster care. This playful pup, took a tumble while she was romping with her new four-leggedfriends and injured her right fore leg.  

     As a result she was brought to us at Animal Medical of New City where we found she had broken the two bones in her right fore leg.

     We helped Missy, her foster parents, and Hi-Tor by offering them a variety of medical services and care.   

Missy’s Leg After the Break

     513Due to nature of the break, we felt the best chance for success required a surgical approach. 

     Missy was taken to surgery the next day. A 6 inch long surgical steel plate was secured to the bone aligning the broken fragments.

     Anticipating the intense pain associated with this type of
injury, we started Missy on constant intravenous injectable pain medication prior to surgery. This reduced the depth of required anesthesia and ensured her an easier recovery. 

     Missy’s fore leg remains supported in a splint and she is in good spirits. She is a wonderful dog and we are all grateful to the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center for taking such good care of her and her new parents for welcoming her into their home.


Missy’s Surgical Repair 

Mona’s Story

Friday, March 13, 2009

487Friday the 13th turned out to be Mona’s lucky day. She was picked up by animal control as a stray in a trailer park and brought to Hi-Tor Animal Care Center. She was hungry, frightened and very sick. Her skin was so blistered and bloody from a case of demodectic mange (not contagious) that the slightest touch would cause her pain. Almost all of her hair fell out and she shivered constantly from the cold. Her paws were so inflamed and raw from infection that just walking alone hurt her.

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