Animal Medical of New City can now expand the comprehensive veterinary emergency services it provides clients with the addition of the Veterinary Emergency Group in the Nanuet area.

Animal Medical and Pet Emergencies

Veterinary emergencies and Animal Medical of New City

VEG is Rockland’s latest addition to high tech, expert veterinary care

It’s always been important to our practice to be responsive to the veterinary

emergency needs of our clients, but as a smaller practice, we’ve had limits on the number of team members we can dedicate to any patient that requires overnight hospitalization or after hours care.

Now that The Veterinary Emergency Group has opened in Nanuet, we’ll be able to provide our clients with expert care in the event of an after hours emergency or if our hospitalized patients require additional afterhours oversight.

Dr. David Bessler Leads Veterinary Emergency Group

Animal Medical provides veterinary emergency care

David Bessler, an experienced and accomplished veterinarian, is the owner of the Veterinary Emergency Group, new to the New City and Nanuet areas

“The veterinarian-owner of the practice, Dr. David Bessler is the former Director of Emergency and Critical Care at The Center for Specialized Veterinary Care on Long Island,” says Animal Medical Director Dr. Howard Gittelman. “He’s an accomplished practice owner and veterinarian and is dedicated to getting client care right. I really trust him. The addition of the Veterinary Emergency Group to Rockland raises the level of care that’s available to our clients in an emergency situation. The practice is open from 6pm to 8am on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.”

 Afterhours Veterinary Emergency Protocol Explained

Gittelman explained how after hour pet emergencies will be handled. “We’ll still take all of our clients’ calls till 10pm and based on how urgent the matter is, see the patient ourselves or directly refer it to the Veterinary Emergency Group. The big difference is the quality of care that is now available if the patient is too sick to be seen by us as an emergency or if we need to hospitalize the patient and there are no veterinarians on the Animal Medical team available to stay during the overnight.

VEG in Nanuet to take Animal Medical Emergency Calls After 10pm

“In cases likes these,” Gittelman continued, “the VEG group will pick up where we leave off, making sure that there is no gap in care or direct veterinary oversight. Any client that calls our practice after 10pm with a pet emergency will be patched directly into the VEG front desk phone lines.

“Having VEG as a resource for our clients is very valuable. Undoubtedly pet lives will be saved because we’ll be able to respond to pet emergencies faster and more thoroughly. We’re lucky to have VEG and it’s conscientious team in our area.”

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