New Equipment: Bair Hugger™® Temperature Management

Preventing anesthetic complications: Many of our clients are concerned about the risks of anesthesia and often postpone needed elective procedures due to these concerns.
We share these concerns and over the years have continuously upgraded our anesthetic protocol to keep pace with the standards of the profession. Today we utilize the safest gas anesthetics available and each patient is monitored by dedicated licensed animal health technicians for blood pressure, temperature, oxygen blood levels and to ensure adequate fluid and ventilatory support. In addition, we have recently added a new piece of equipment that offers a major safety margin for your pet by maintaining its normal body temperature.
One of the biggest obstacles the veterinary anesthetist faces is hypothermia. This drop in body temperature slows heart rates, drops blood pressure and can result in increased post-surgical infection rates. Although we have always attempted to minimize these changes, we now have the technology to prevent intraoperative/postoperative hypothermia. We are using the Bair Hugger® temperature management system, a warming therapy used extensively in human pediatric and adult surgery. When the patient is placed under general anesthesia, a special blanket envelopes their body and delivers a continuous gentle flow of warm air. In addition, we use a Bair Hugger accessory device to warm intravenous fluids administered to the patient during the procedure, which also helps to maintain normal body temperature. Since using this system in our practice, patients have emerged from anesthesia faster, more alert, and with minimal drops in body temperature. So rest assured, we at Animal Medical care the most and spare no expense at providing your pet with the best possible care in veterinary medicine. Feel free to
ask for a demonstration; we would be happy to show you.

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