Sevofluorane. . Is It Worth The Cost?

The newest introduction to veterinary anesthesia is a new inhalant anesthetic, Sevofluorane. As a quick primer, veterinarians typically use injectable sedatives, tranquillizers and pain relievers to “prepare” a pet for anesthesia. In some situations, this may be adequate to provide the gentle restraint needed to perform certain minor surgical or diagnostic procedures i.e. x-rays or minor lacerations. If additional restraint is needed, an injectable anesthetic may be administered but these are usually short acting and if sufficient time cannot be provided by this route, then it is generally accepted at this point to administer an inhalant (gas) anesthetic.

Over the past 20 years, we have been diligent about upgrading to the most advanced form of inhalant anesthetics available. Recently, with the introduction of Sevofluorane we have added another tool in providing as safe an anesthetic an experience as possible for your pet. This new anesthetic allows for faster transitions and recoveries from anesthesia. In addition, it can easily be administered with a fitted mask, similar to the way it is applied in children. The gas is pleasant smelling and allows for smooth inductions without the need for additional injectable anesthetics which may result in postoperative drowsiness and disorientation. There is a premium, however, to be paid for the use of Sevofluorane as any drug that is new is also more expensive. In addition, it does not offer a quantum leap in safety margin over Isofluorane which has been the gold standard in inhalant anesthesia. Rest assured that regardless which anesthetic we chose, the doctors at Animal Medical of New City will make the best choice for your pet.

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