Number 5, the Havanese

I’m hiking 🙂

Oh you mean the Havana Silk Dog? The Spanish Silk Poodle? You mean that Havanese???

From Tenerife to Cuba

Why yes I do. And it’s true the Havenese has been referred to by both of those names. Despite this dog’s Fifth Avenue penthouse appearance, the breed originated on the island of Tenerife where it’s believed to have boarded boats to Cuba in the 16th century (1st class no doubt) where it became the national dog of Cuba! (Havana…Havanese…get it?)

Hair as Insulation

With all that hair one wonders why on earth it decided to live in hot and humid Cuba, but in fact that hair provides an insulating layer of protection against the hot sun.   With its baby appearance and signature turned up tail, this breed became a favorite with such notables as Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria, but its needs aren’t baby-ish at all. This dog excels in all areas ‘dog’. It’s a master of agility and training. It’s great with kids, great with other animals; it’s smart. The one downside…teeth problems.   I came across this unhappy owner’s lament in the Havenese forum. At the surprisingly young age of 3 ½ , this unfortunate little dog had 16 teeth removed with more scheduled at a later date! More on this marvelous breed’s mouth issues here.