Advanced veterinary dentistry for dogs and cats is available 5 days a week at Animal Medical of New City


30 years of experience diagnosing and treating oral tumors, cancers, orthodontic issues, resorbed teeth, and advanced dental disease in dogs and cats


Available Dental Procedures at Animal Medical of New City


Dr. Howard Gittelman is a regional provider of advanced veterinary dental services for dogs and cats.  He and his expert team of licensed veterinary nurses can help your pet with the following conditions:

Root Canals
Feline Tooth Resorption
Oral tumors/ Oral Masses
Loose or broken teeth
Advanced dental disease
Advanced dental disease in pets with other health issues
Chronic gum inflammation and infection (Periodontal disease, stomatitis and mucositis)
Jawbone fractures and cancers

Veterinary Dentistry and Senior Pets or Pets with Chronic Illness


If you were told that your senior or chronically ill pet needs to have a dental procedure or cleaning, but were afraid to follow through with the recommendation because you were concerned about safety, we can help.  Animal Medical of New City takes pride in an anesthetic protocol that keeps pets safe, recovering quickly, and experiencing a minimum of negative side effects.  Our protocol is based on the recommendations by the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American College of Veterinary Dentists and includes:

  • Highest grade, human, anesthetic medications
  • A full physical examination of the patient, at no extra charge, prior to the procedure
  • Appropriate pre-anesthetic blood screen
  • An balanced and gentle anesthetic protocol designed specifically for the age, breed, condition, and size of your pet
  • Preanesthetic sedative to reduce stress 
  • An experienced, licensed veterinary nurse anesthetist dedicated to your pet during it’s procedure
  • State of the art anesthetic monitoring equipment
  • Advanced thermoregulation technology to keep our ptaients warm, comfortable and safe during during the procedure. 


Stress Free Care


Animal Medical is an advanced medical center in a comfortable setting. Pets like the homey feel of our practice and all of our team members are trained in fear-free techniques to keep dogs and cats feeling safe and comfortable.  In cases where pets are in pain or have a history of anxiety, we have both natural and more traditional forms of calming, pain reducing medications.  Our goal is great medicine and great care.



















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Additional Veterinary Services



Financing Veterinary Care at Animal Medical of New City

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If you would like a second opinion, please request a complete copy of your pet’s medical records from your existing veterinarian(s).  If the record is extensive, you can have it sent directly to us so that one of our doctors can review it completely prior to your visit.


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