UPDATE:  We did it!  Animal Medical of New City is a Gold Level Feline Care Center!


Animal Medical of New City is poised to be one of Rockland County’s ‘Gold’ standard Feline Friendly practices.


Animal Medical is in the last stages of finalizing its bid to the American Association of Feline Practitioners to be designated a ‘Gold’ standard Feline Friendly Practice. If the veterinary practice succeeds, it will be one of only two of its kind in the Rockland County area.


Animal Medical to Acheive 20 Different Feline-Friendly Goals


In order to achieve this esteemed designation, AMNC must meet 20 treatment, handling and housing protocols when caring for cats as well as complete more than 18 hours of continuing education on feline veterinary medicine, feline behavior, and ways to reduce feline anxiety.

Dani and cat feline friendly

Animal Medical of New City’s veterinary nurse, Dani Perez working with a cat in our feline-only exam room.


Use this link to learn how feline friendly practices serve you and your pet


“Becoming a Feline Friendly Practice will mean a lot to me,” says Dani Perez one of AMNC’s senior licensed technicians. “I became a credentialed veterinary nurse because I love animals.  I don’t want to see my patients fearful. I want them to be comfortable and trusting.  Minimizing loud noises, paying attention to the body language of cats, even using special calming, feline pheromones in the exam room…all the things we’re doing consistently to become feline friendly… can work to lower cat’s anxiety levels when they visit our practice.


Caring For Cats in a Fear Free Manner


“Becoming Feline Friendly isn ‘t a requirement by any means, but it’s important to us,” says Animal Medical of New City’s medical director, Howard Gittelman. “It’s recommitting to who we are and what we want to be for our clients and our patients.”

The Feline Friendly certification should come through before the summer is out.  After that, it’s likely that Animal Medical of New City will dedicate certain hours of the week to feline-only visits as a way to further reduce the anxiety that cats experience when they come to the veterinarian.

Interested in knowing more about what it takes to be Feline Friendly?  Visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners.


dani and cat feliway

Perez lightly rubs this patient’s cheek with a calming pheremone mimicking a natural way that cats gain reassurance in their environment.