Animal Medical of New City Is A ‘Gold’ standard Feline Friendly practice.


In 2018, Animal Medical was designated an official Gold Feline Friendly practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  The hospital is only one of two veterinary practices in all of Rockland County to be honored in such a way


Met 20 Different Feline-Friendly Goals To Qualify


In order to achieve this esteemed designation, Animal Medical of New City met 20 feline treatment, handling, and housing protocols.  Then, the entire support staff completed 18 hours of continuing education on feline veterinary medicine, feline behavior, and ways to reduce feline anxiety.


Cat getting neutered at Animal Medical of New City

What To Expect From A Feline Gold Practice


Cat Friendly Handling and Communicating

Team members have undergone 18 hours of continuing education to learn how to move, handle, and talk around felines in order to keep them calm


Cat Advocate Always On Hand

In keeping with the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Gold accreditation, Animal Medical of New City always has a Cat Advocate on staff to oversee feline practices.



No Aggressive Restraint

AMNC will not manhandle your cat. The staff has been trained how to gently hold even the most fearful cat.


Cat Friendly Waiting Area

Animal Medical has a special, separate area in the lobby for clients and their cats. A separate seating area ensures that the feline patient doesn’t come in contact with any other animal that may make him or her fearful.


Calming Pheromones

Animal Medical of New City uses a synthetic, calming pheromone in a room diffuser. This scent, the same one that cats place on furniture when they contentedly rub their face, is available for purchase on our online store.


Comprehensive Care

Feline Friendly Practices provide cats a comprehensive examination, saving the parts that cats could find uncomfortable until last so that the patient remains calm longer. All of AMNC’s diagnostic and other medical equipment is specifically designed for cats (not small dogs) so that cats are never made uncomfortable with equipment that’s not specifically designed for their smaller frames.

It’s Important that Our Patients Feel Safe


“Becoming a Feline Friendly Practice means a lot to me,” said one of AMNC’s senior licensed technicians. “I became a credentialed veterinary nurse because I love animals.  I don’t want to see my patients fearful. I want them to be comfortable and trusting.  Minimizing loud noises, paying attention to the body language of cats, even using special calming, feline pheromones in the exam room…all the things we’re doing consistently in compliance with our designation as Feline Friendly… can work to lower cat’s anxiety levels when they visit our practice.


Animal Medical of New City’s medical director, Howard Gittelman, is equally enthusiastic, “Becoming Feline Friendly is important to us. The designation underlines who we are and what we want to be for our clients and our patients.”


Interested in knowing more about what it takes to be Feline Friendly?  Visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners.