A frequent question we often get is, “how do I brush my pet’s teeth?”

I Don’t Know How To Brush My Pet’s Teeth!

But what if you’ve never tried brushing your pet’s teeth, can you still get in on the action?  Absolutely!  It will take you little to no time to acclimate your pet to regular brushing.  We’ll even provide you with a free dental kit and an in-house office demonstration to help you get started!  So read the tips below and begin shooting that video!  Oh, and by the way, it’s very important that you use toothpaste designed for dogs or cats.  Human toothpaste  may make your pet nauseous (because they will swallow it during the brushing).

The Stuff You’ll Need To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

How To Start Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth:  Week 1

  • On day 1-3, introduce the toothpaste on your finger. Just allow Bowser or Frisky to lick the paste. It’s chicken flavored so he or she will love it.  Do this after you’ve walked your pet or right before you feed him or her so  they associate it with something positive. Always praise them after eating the toothpaste.  Keep it fun!
  • On day 4-7, lift your pet’s lip and put some toothpaste on his or her gums.  Let them lick the rest of the toothpaste off your finger.

How To Start Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth:  Week 2

  • On day 1-3, rub your finger back and forth along the teeth where you’ve applied the toothpaste. This gets them used to the motion of brushing.  Only brush on the outside of each tooth. Don’t try and open the mouth further and brush the inside. That’s a little more than most pets will tolerate especially this early in the game.
  • On day 4-7, introduce the toothbrush itself. Add toothpaste on the toothbrush and let them lick it. Then use your finger to “brush” their teeth and massage their gums after they licked the toothbrush clean.

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How To Start Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth:  Week 3

  • On day 1-3, brush one tooth with the toothbrush and toothpaste. Gradually increase the amount of teeth you brush each day.
  • On day 4-7, brush one side of the mouth with the toothbrush and toothpaste alternating sides.

How To Start Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth:  Week 4

  • You’re so close…you can just SEE that Toothbrushing Trophy…I mean PROphy, can’t you?
  • This is the final week!  At this point your pet should be more comfortable with having their teeth brushed. Work on one side of the mouth at a time. If they need a break, give them one. Make it a positive experience with lots of praise.

Do I really Need To Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Brushing your pet’s teeth can make an enormous difference…REALLY…an enormous difference in how they feel, how they fight off disease, how they eat, how close you can get to their face without cringing, and their overall vigor and vitality.

Let’s keep your pet OUT of the dentist chair.  Spend FIVE minutes  each day loving your pet and helping him or her keep a clean mouth.  Do it while you watch TV.  Have the kids do it while you quiz them on their homework.  And then do a video of how you succeeded so our other clients can pass on the love and the health to their pets!