dog stealing food out of cat bowl

New electronic SureFeed microchip feeders prevent one pet from stealing another’s food. They also keep food fresher and reduce waste. Find out more about these easy-to-use systems that work with your pet’s existing microchip or collar ID to control portions and stop other household pets from raiding the bowl.


SureFeed Pet Feeders: An Alternative To Separate Feeding Schedules


Multipet households often have to come up with creative ways to keep pets from stealing one another’s food. Feeding pets in different areas of the house or at different times can work, but either method can be difficult to keep up with. SureFeed pet feeders have figured out an easy, foolproof system that eliminates the hassle of spreading food bowls throughout the house or remembering to feed at different times of the day.

Moving from the top of the device to the bottom, you can see the ID detection device (the portion that looks like a curved handle), the washable feeding bowls and lid located in the center of the picture, and the washable spill mat located at the bottom of the frame.


Easy To Clean And Keeps Food Fresh


SureFeed feeders are built of durable, light-weight plastic and are comprised of an easy-to-clean food tray, a spill mat to collect any dropped food, an automatic lid that cover’s the food when the pet is not eating, and an electronic detection device that recognizes the pet and opens and closes the pet food lid as needed.


SureFeed Feeders Only Open For One Pet


The electronic detector can be programmed to recognize your pet’s existing microchip or a tag that can be attached to your pet’s collar. As your pet’s head nears the SureFeed pet feeder, the detection device recognizes your pet’s microchip or tag ID and opens the food bowl.  Once your pet moves away from the detector, the feeder lid re-closes to keep the food fresh longer and to prevent other pets from raiding the bowl. The SureFeed pet feeders also come in four different colors to help your pet learn which feeder is his or hers.


What Are Microchips?


Microchips are rice-sized, inert implants consisting of a tiny circuit, an inductor, and a capacitor. In the absence of the energy from a scanning device, the chip remains inactive, however when a scanning device is passed over the chip, the inductor and capacitor are able to absorb the energy from the scan and use it to power a return signal corresponding to the chip’s unique ID number.  Chips are encased in biocompatible silica, cannot shatter or crack, and are easily inserted beneath your pet’s skin where they will remain throughout your pet’s lifetime to help identify your pet.  Microchips are essential if you plan to travel with your pet on a plane, but are valuable enough that they should be considered for all pets. Every animal shelter, animal control office, and veterinary hospital in America have the necessary scanning devices to read your pet’s microchip and identify you as the owner.


How To Program a SureFeed Pet Feeder


Initial activation of the feeder is easy. With your pet nearby, turn on the feeder, then tempt your pet to move close to the feeder by placing a few treats into the SureFeed food bowl. The device will register your pet’s microchip or collar ID tag and store the information so that when your pet approaches the feeder again, it will open automatically, but remain closed to any other animal (or any curious human infant in the house).


Fight Obesity With ID Activated Pet Feeders


Obesity is a big problem in pets. Approximately 1 out of 2 dogs and cats are obese.  Excess weight reduces a pet’s quality of life, shortens his or her lifespan, and exacerbates other medical issues like arthritis and diabetes. Tools like SureFeed significantly improve your chances of keeping your pet at a healthy weight by measuring portion sizes and limiting your pet’s chances of stealing other household pet’s food.


Shop Pet Feeders


Animal Medical does not stock SureFeed pet feeders at our practice, but an array of electronic pet feeders are available for sale on our Amazon page.

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