How To Give My Pet An Exam

By examining your dog in the comfort of your home where he is most relaxed, you can get accurate, stress free information that is critical to a veterinarian’s understanding of your pet’s health.  Learn these ten focus points of your dog’s body and what information is most important to a veterinarian, then prepare your dog for the most enjoyable, relaxed examination of his life!

What Should I Do If My Pet Is Lost?

A recent story about a Washington State couple that lost their dog while vacationing in Montana is making its rounds in the news cycle. The husband and wife spent 57 days searching for their pet, sometimes with night vision goggles, before he was found.   The story...

How To Know If My Pet Is Dying

Watching an elderly or sick pet decline in health is an emotionally draining experience.  Here are signs that your pet’s health is waning and that he or she may be nearing death.

New Clients

            Welcome!               New Clients Welcome!  Animal Medical of New City has been Rockland County’s veterinarian for 30 years. We’re considered the premier veterinary center of the area and...