What To Do For Arthritis in Dogs?

New research on pain management for humans turns out to be a boon for dogs. Here is a list of the latest treatments and medicines for canine arthritis management.

Should I Vaccinate My Dog Against Canine Flu?

Should I Vaccinate My Dog Against Canine Flu? In the past 45 days, 107 dogs in NY have tested positive for the two most virulent strains of canine influenza. Animal Medical recommends the vaccination of all dogs with a safe, effective vaccine that is available at our...

Recommend Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventatives

The Animal Medical team has a shortlist of products that they recommend for the prevention of fleas, ticks and heartworm disease.  Additionally, we have negotiated special discounts with the product manufacturer to provide you the most effective product at the most competitive price.

Adult and Senior Dog Vaccine Schedule

  * In general, larger dogs age faster than smaller dogs. At your pet’s first appointment, we’ll decide together at what age your dog will cross the senior threshold. For the purposes of this handout, dog’s become seniors at 5 years of age. Use the chart below to...