Veterinary ultrasound is available 6 days a week at Animal Medical of New City.  Same day appointments are possible.


When necessary, all results are reviewed by a boarded veterinary radiologist  for same day diagnosis.


You can be with your dog or cat during the procedure to ensure that he or she experiences as little stress as possible.


State of The Art Veterinary Ultrasound


We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.  Our veterinarians have decades of ultrasound experience and our nursing team is with your pet during the entire procedure to ensure that he or she is calm and comfortable.


Does Ultrasound Hurt?


No.  An ultrasound device uses harmless sound waves to painlessly penetrate your pet’s skin and look at what’s happening on the inside of his or her body.  To prepare for the procedure, we’ll shave a small amount of fur from your pet’s belly and/or chest depending on the area of the body we want to examine.  A small dab of jelly-like fluid is placed on your pet’s body and a rounded, soft probe is pressed onto your pet’s skin.  The probe acts as a transmitter and receiver of high frequency sound waves.  The sound waves bounce off organs, return to the ultrasound sensor, and create a two dimensional look at both the outside and inside of internal organs.


What Can An Ultrasound See?


Ultrasound is used by veterinarians to take a look at the outside and inside of major organs and glands including the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, spleen, lymph nodes, bladder, stomach, adrenal glands, and ovaries.  Ultrasound is an excellent soft-tissue diagnostic tool and can view changes that would go undetected by traditional x-ray views.  Ultrasound can capture important changes to organ systems before they become unmanageable.  It is both a tool of discovery and prevention. It is also invaluable in treating the critical care patient and is often the first test performed when triaging our emergent  patients. Ultrasound also provides the opportunity to obtain diagnostic tissue samples consisternt with  our preferred minimally invasive approach toward pet care


This video is a bit technical.  It’s created by the manufacturer of a sophisticated ultrasound device, but really gives you an idea of the diagnostic power behind ultrasound.


Second Opinion For Your Pet


If your current veterinarian is unable to provide your pet with an ultrasound in a timely manner or if you want a second opinion on your pet’s diagnosis, we’ll be happy to help. We are able to do same-day appointments for all ultrasounds and the service is available 6 days a week.  Animal Medical has a friendly professional relationship with all area vets. If we can assist you with getting your pet’s ultrasound completed sooner rather than later, we’ll be happy to do the procedure and send all of the results to your current veterinarian and/or provide you with our interpretation of the results.


Stress Free Care


Animal Medical is an advanced medical center in a comfortable setting. Pets like the homey feel of our practice and all of our team members are trained in fear-free techniques to keep dogs and cats feeling safe and comfortable.  In cases where pets are in pain or have a history of anxiety, we have both natural and more traditional forms of calming, pain reducing medications.  Our goal is great medicine and great care.

Financing Veterinary Care at Animal Medical of New City

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