Human Foods My Pet Can’t Eat

Feel like slipping Fido a little something under the table? Don’t slip him one of these! Here’s a list of human foods that dogs can’t eat or are likely to cause a lot of stomach issues.


AvocadoDon't feed your dog avocado

Avocado fruits and plants contain a substance called persin. It’s harmless to people, but can be toxic to dogs. BTW…avocados are very toxic to birds too.


Alcohol (or any other substance that gets your dog ‘high’)

Animal Medical's list of things your dog shouldn't eat

Getting dogs intentionally high or drunk is not funny. It’s poison! Recreational drugs and alcohol can have fatal consequences for your dog

Not funny and a big no-no. Humans can metabolize alcohol and other drugs much better than animals. Even without the liver or other organ issues, just the smallest amounts of alcohol can cause diarrhea, vomiting…you get the idea. Don’t buy Bowser a beer.

Onions and Garlic

Believe it or not, these two delicious foods can cause anemia in dogs. Be wary too of the onion powder found in some processed foods. Equally as dangerous!



This great pick me up can actually be fatal to dogs. Remember that it’s found in chocolate, soda and cocoa too.


Grapes and Raisins

What??? Though no one is sure why, both of these delicious human treats can cause kidney problems in dogs.


Dairy Products

Typically a source of diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Humans evolved to tolerate dairy. Our best friends did not. Keep them away.


Macadamia Nuts

Poisonous to dogs. Add chocolate and you really compound the problem.


XylitolWhat to do if your dog eats gum

This artificial sweetener found in candy, gum and all sorts of human foods can cause liver failure.  Orbit, Trident and Ice Breakers sugar-free gum contain the most xylitol.


My Dog Ate Chocolate

The chocolate ingredient that causes so many problems in dogs is called theobromine. The darker the chocolate, the higher the concentration. Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea and heart arrhythmias in dogs.


Excessive quantities of fat can cause pancreatitis, a condition that causes acute vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.


Cherry, plum, peach pits, apple seeds

All of these seeds contain small amounts of cyanide. When humans eat these fruits, we don’t eat the seeds; when dogs eat these fruits, they don’t use the same restraint. Sneak your dog a piece of apple if she insists, but core it first.

Raw Dough

Dough rises right? That’s exactly what it will do in your dog’s stomach as well. Too much raw dough can cause serious stomach issues in your dog, so raw dough is a no-no.


Your Medicine

Do you know that each year dozens of dogs die because human pharmacists don’t correctly fill veterinarian prescriptions?  It’s because these pharmacists assume that the dosages for human drugs are the same in animals. They should think again. Do not pull a human medication out of your medicine chest and dose your pet according to the bottle instructions that were intended for a human! Have pets properly diagnosed by Animal Medical veterinarians and get your pet’s medication through our pharmacy.


My Dog Ate A Chicken Bone

There are a lot of opinions out there about which bones dogs can and cannot eat.  After seeing dozens and dozens of patients that have ingested bones and have required surgery to fix the problem, our recommendation is No Bones Are Good Bones.  The problem with most bones is the cooking process makes them brittle, likely to shard, and likely to lodge or perforate your dog’s intestine, but we’ve seen the same issue with raw bones!  If your dog ate a chicken bone, make an appointment with us.  As we discuss in our parasite handout, a physical examination gives us lots of insight into whether your dog’s eating indiscretion will or will not be a problem.  We may also prescribe a special food that will help the bone move through the digestive track without causing an issue.  Don’t wait on this!  Waiting can turn a serious problem into a critical one.


My Dog Ate…

Concerned that your pet has consumed a human food that dog’s can’t eat?  You can check out the helpful information on the Animal Poison Control Website.  Alternatively, cut to the chase! Call us so that we can be of immediate help! Don’t wait for this kind of issue to resolve itself!  In some cases, not acting can have dire consequences.

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Posted on

13 December 2017