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Animal Medical of New City has a special interest in keeping your pet’s mouth pain-free and healthy and wants to provide you with options for achieving this goal.  A great smile starts with early oral hygiene and wellness care for your dog, cat or small mammal.


Until recently, dental cleaning was done on only the most advanced cases, shown as stage 4 in the diagram below.  Veterinarians and clients now realize that this was a mistake.  Allowing dental disease to advance caused undo pain, created secondary health issues, and decreased the life span of the pet.


Stages of Dental Disease



Stage 1


The part of the gum that touches the tooth is inflamed, swollen, and red. There will be some degree of plaque covering the tooth. Cleaning can reverse this condition. Most pets are have Stage 1 dental disease by age 3.

Stage 2

Early Bone Loss

Entire attached gum is swollen and red. Mouth is painful and breath odor will be noticeable. Professional cleaning and at-home brushing can prevent this stage from advancing irreversibly.

Stage 3

Moderate Bone Loss

Gums are cherry red and bleeding. Infection is destroying the gum’s attachment to the tooth. The build up of calculus creates a gap between the gum and the tooth and infection sets in below the gum line. Mouth pain may start to affect eating habits and behavior.  The rate of bone loss increases, some of which is irreversible.

Stage 4

Advanced Disease

Chronic infection continues to destroy the gum, tooth, and bone. Bacteria spreads throughout the entire body where it can infect the liver and kidneys. Gums are cherry red, bleed, and sometimes have pus. Teeth may be loose.


Oral Health Exam

We’re committed to oral health for all pets! Schedule a dental exam with one of our veterinarians today. Here’s how to get started:


Step 1


Existing clients: schedule a Oral health assessment for your pet. You’ll receive a free take-home toothbrush for your pet, a lesson in preventative oral health care and an estimate for a preventative cleaning. New Clients, we’ll be able to provide you the same help we provide all of our existing clients, but we’ll need to do a full physical exam (not included in the promotion) on your pet before we complete the preventative dental procedure.


Step 2


Meet with one of our team members and discuss our Healthy Mouth Initiative. Once approved, you are only required to put down 20% of the cost of the procedure and can space out INTEREST FREE payments on the remaining balance for as long as three month’s time!

Ready to get started?  


If your pet has been examined within the past month and you’ve spoken to one of our team members about a dentistry, CALL or or EMAIL us.


Haven’t had a check up in the past month?  Jump to our Free Dental Assessment Form to book an assessment for your pet. Your pet will still require an examination by one of our veterinarians prior to anesthesia, but this meeting with our technician will assess your pet’s oral health.

Why Get My Dog or Cat’s Teeth Cleaned?

Preventative dentistry is a PROVEN way to increase your pet’s vigor and health.  Mouth odors will be completely eliminated. You’ll be able to snuggle close to your pets face again and not have to hold your breath.  Any oral pain that your pet is experiencing will be gone!  So will red gums and other oral infections.  You’ll see that your pet is more active and eats better once we are through.

Safety and Pet Dentistry

Preventative dentistry at our practice is as safe and as stress free as it possibly can be.  Our team members are rigorously trained in patient monitoring and recovery.  We pride ourselves in our excellent attention to detail and dental health expertise.  Every member of our practice feels wholly confident bringing their pet to our practice for a preventative dentistry because they are intimately familiar with our high standards of patient care.

Watch Dr. Gittelman Teach How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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