Why Dogs Love (or HATE) The Snow

Animal behaviorists from around the country ponder why some dogs love the snow (and others hate it).   It's Fun   We hope that science gives us impressive answers to life's hard questions, but sometimes the simple prevails.  To determine how...

What Do Animals Dream About?

Evidence points that the origins of dreaming go back 300 million years or more and that virtually every animal dreams to some degree.  Here is what’s happening when your pet is ‘paddling’ through the sheets of your bed.

Animal Medical of New City Treated Koko, the Gorilla

Many of you have heard that Koko, the lowland gorilla that could use sign language, has died.  What you might not know is that in 2012, Dr. Howard Gittleman of Animal Medical of New City helped to save her life.   Had Toy Lodged In Her Stomach   In 2012,...

Where Are All The Bugs and Bats?

View the results of a survey that we conducted of the people that live in our area. Nearly all report a decline in seeing important species.