We enjoy writing informative articles on all kinds of pet related topics.  We have pet food recipes, humor, science and human interest stories.  Enjoy!

Local News

Arsenic Saved This Dog

On a remote, Caribbean island, a stray dog is rescued, but only a trip to the U.S., 4 months of special treatments, and 3 doses of arsenic keep her from dying.   The Potcake Dog   If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, you know that a class of stray dogs,...

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Clone Mutant Crawfish Escapes Into The Wild

Mutant Asexual Invader (But I've been called worse)                 Sounds like the start of science fiction film, or even our April Fool’s blog about treating a Tribble, but this crawfish is really a mutant, it's really a...

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Take Two Dogs And Call Me in the Morning

Scientists prove that dogs and cats have a positive impact on our own health and the health of our children.   You love them, we love them, and more and more, scientists are starting to love them.  Check out these recent scientific studies showing the positive...

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Pet Food Recipes and Nutrition

4th of July Treats for People AND Pets!

Independence Day is a day of celebration. Fireworks, bbqs and ice cream ! So why not mix those 3 and make edible 4th of July treats!  While you grill this summer, make a yummy firecracker frozen yogurt ice cream that both you and your furry friend can eat! Only 4...

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Mother’s Day Biscotti Cookies For Dogs

Look, if your pup could make you biscotti for Mother’s Day, I’m sure he would! Maybe all he needs is a helpful hand from Mom and the kids to genuinely show his slobbering affection.  Here is a great treat that your pup will love and the whole family will enjoy making....

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St. Patrick’s Day Homemade Dog Treats

Feeling lucky? You should be! St Patrick’s Day is here, so how about making some St. Patty’s Day Puppy Patties for your pup?! (Say that 10 times fast). These green shamrock cookies will make your pup one happy laddie or lassie!   Ingredients: 1 cup of whole wheat...

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Oral Health and Dentistry

How To Brush My Pet’s Teeth: 4 Simple Steps

You ask, 'why brush my pet's teeth?' Because you'll win a spot on our website if you do!  Submit a video of your dog or cat getting a stress-free, thorough brushing.  We'll be looking for pets that enjoy getting their teeth brushed and some super pet-owner tips on how...

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Why We Flip for February Dental Health Month

That's right buster....I'm going to flip your lip Simply put, oral health for pets is critical to long life and overall well-being. Pets with clean mouths, free of red gums, plaque and tarter have no oral pain, have healthier internal organs, eat better, are more...

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Healthy Living

Better to Know or Not to Know

At my 10-year-old dog’s last routine physical examination, her veterinarian, Dr. Howard Gittleman uncovered a potentially alarming condition in this otherwise happy, tail-wagging dog. Prevention saved her life.

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Living (W)holistic: Physical Therapy for Dogs

By Dr. Lisa Schenkel, Senior Associate Veterinarian, Animal Medical of New City   For many years, physical therapy has been an internationally recognized discipline in the human health care field, and the benefits of post-surgical and post-injury rehabilitation...

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Puppies Kittens and More!

Thanks Mom For Letting Me Have One

There were the gerbils, the hamsters, and the money you blew on Habitrail links. There were the fish…the bags and bags of fish over the years, and the months you nagged me to clean the tank, and, because I never complied, the slight smell of swamp whenever you entered...

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Picking a Child’s First Pet

Choosing Your Child's First Pet According to the statistics compiled by the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs are the most popular American companion animal, followed closely by cats, then birds and horses. Among the exotic or cage animals (which include...

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