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Local News

With a Name Like Smuckers, it has to be…GROSS!

Class Action lawsuit cites proof that Smuckers-owned company sold pet food contaminated with euthanasia solution.  

Animal Hoarding: A mental illness with devastating consequences

Often lampooned as ‘crazy cat ladies’, animal hoarders are no laughing matter. They are psychologically disturbed individuals whose behavior hurts the animals that they possess, their community, and themselves. Animal hoarders have a near 100% recidivism rate and cost municipalities tens of thousands of dollars per case.

Arsenic Saved This Dog

On a remote, Caribbean island, a stray dog is rescued, but only a trip to the U.S., 4 months of special treatments, and 3 doses of arsenic keep her from dying.

Dr. Howard Gittelman Diagnosed with Lyme Disease

Though I’ve heard lots of stories of people contracting Lyme disease, I never quite understood how a person could have a tick on him or her and not notice it. Then one day, I woke up with a strange rash on my chest…


Veterinary Hospital Treats a “Tribble”

Animal Medical of New City treats earth’s first ‘Tribble’, a genetically modified organism developed by Dr. Albert Elaboro Fibb at the Weiss Research Center of Cornell University

Stony Point Residents Say Veterinarian Discovered Sasquatch

Night of terror leads to authenticated video footage. New City Veterinarian, Howard Gittelman fails at attempt to safely sedate and control the animal.

No Bowl Feeding System …didn’t go exactly as I had planned…

Gold Level Feline Friendly Practice Owner, Howard Gittelman decided to try the NoBowl Feeding System to keep his cat, Gary, stimulated and engaged. He kept a diary of his progress, but it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Healthy Living

Better to Know or Not to Know

At my 10-year-old dog’s last routine physical examination, her veterinarian, Dr. Howard Gittleman uncovered a potentially alarming condition in this otherwise happy, tail-wagging dog. Prevention saved her life.

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